Reviewer: pygmypuffgurl
Date: 02/21/08 14:05
Chapter: Conceited Counterparts and Chiding Chessmen

“You won’t think this sword is so inanimate when it’s shoved up your–“

LOL! LOLOL!!! ROFL!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!! ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!! ROFLMAOCSDHSQMR%d4r57D$&JSW#W%34&!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*cough* sorry 'bout that. Got a little...enthusiastic thar.
Just one problem: why do they keep calling him "Har?" I'm sorry, but that's just really annoying. Other than than, 37/10!

Reviewer: pygmypuffgurl
Date: 02/21/08 13:56
Chapter: The Dreaded Dream Depiction

Whoa. Scary. I don't blame for vomiting. But geez, you REALLY know how to write, and not just fluff!!! *adds to faves*

Reviewer: pygmypuffgurl
Date: 02/20/08 16:03
Chapter: The Magical Menagerie and Mealtime Munchies

If I ever manage to find a boyfriend (not that I've been looking, since I don't think I'll need a boyfriend until I'm at least a few years older) I hope he's sweet like Harry is. A kitten! I would love to be given a kitten. Especially for no reason at all, although Ginny thinks he got it as a prefect gift. That's so cool that it's just like her. And I was wondering when someone was going to decide to use the nickname "Gin" to their advantage. I only haven't because the site is apparently sort of unstable at the moment, and, being a new member, I hhaven't had any time to submit any of my story before the site got messed up. Sorry for going off on a tangent there. It's sort of a habit. I should probably end this here before I go off on another tangent about, like, pickles or something and this review ends up being eleven pages, so bye.

Reviewer: pygmypuffgurl
Date: 02/20/08 14:58
Chapter: Alleys and Amour

I like Amanda, she seems like a character JKR herself might come up with. OK, enough talk, the next chapter is calling me!

Reviewer: LittleGinny
Date: 02/19/08 23:46
Chapter: Discussions with Dumbledore

BUNNY SLIPPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great idea!! also, hurray the Umbridge is gone!

Reviewer: pygmypuffgurl
Date: 02/19/08 17:13
Chapter: Gifts, Grades & Gryffindor

Dobby's so cute! He's just like a little kid. Also, I thought it was funny how Ginny was annoyed at having been made a prefect. And Ron IS a prat, albeit a nice one

Reviewer: pygmypuffgurl
Date: 02/19/08 16:28
Chapter: Promises and Pillow Fights

Yay! Awesome first chapter! Mystery letter was good too. Sorry for not commenting on it, but I wasn't a member yet when I read it.

Reviewer: LittleGinny
Date: 02/19/08 14:20
Chapter: A Party, an Apology and a New Partner

i loved the idea about Dumbledore playing Pin the Tail on the Donkey!
and snape giving harry a phoenix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewer: MidnightBlack
Date: 02/18/08 19:01
Chapter: The Magical Menagerie and Mealtime Munchies


Reviewer: silver_angel7
Date: 01/05/08 5:50
Chapter: Intuitive Actions and Innocent Alcoves


nice work....i really liked it eyy

is there going 2 b more???

lovin ya work
keep it up


Reviewer: alasearwax17
Date: 12/04/07 19:00
Chapter: Predictions of the Last Potter

lord mouldy-shorts!!! AMAZING!

Reviewer: Tina_hglover
Date: 11/18/07 12:55
Chapter: Intuitive Actions and Innocent Alcoves

*claps and cheers*Absouloutely brilliant!!!! loved it!!!!

Reviewer: mugglechicka5565
Date: 11/02/07 16:47
Chapter: Intuitive Actions and Innocent Alcoves

awe! so sweet! i love this chapter ending!

Reviewer: Luna_Lucy
Date: 10/19/07 22:21
Chapter: Secrets, Sorrows and a Solemn Vow

THAT was sooooooo sweet

Reviewer: ObsEssedHRHLS
Date: 09/16/07 19:20
Chapter: Inside Weasley's Wizard Wheezes

Really good! i love how harry's getting so smart!

Reviewer: harry_ginny_duh
Date: 09/15/07 15:22
Chapter: Predictions of the Last Potter

OK. I was literally gasping for breath at the end of this chapter. OMG. SOOOOOOO FUNNY!


Reviewer: vivaHP
Date: 08/28/07 17:54
Chapter: Intuitive Actions and Innocent Alcoves

I just wanted to say that this is a great story but you might not want to have so many nicknames in them, they make it confusing.

Reviewer: amy4rupert
Date: 08/17/07 17:53
Chapter: Gifts, Grades & Gryffindor

sorry, but I counted and didnt Ron get nine OWLS not ten?
Great fic!

Reviewer: danielsgirl
Date: 08/16/07 15:39
Chapter: Intuitive Actions and Innocent Alcoves

Good job! I love it! Now I want a sequal though. Please?

Reviewer: HarryPotterLover_01
Date: 08/12/07 22:22
Chapter: Intuitive Actions and Innocent Alcoves

wow i really liked this story and i plan on reading a lot of ur stories in the future!

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