Reviewer: ashleighhlovesharrypotter
Date: 12/05/10 20:59
Chapter: Chapter 29- Overcoming the Fear

Why don't they just buy the damn book from somewhere?

Pshh, they make too much trouble for themselves :P


Reviewer: ashleighhlovesharrypotter
Date: 12/05/10 2:12
Chapter: Chapter 11- The Day After

Why don't they just move Hermione's bed into Draco's room (cos it's bigger), separate them a little and sleep on separate beds? That would be so much easier LOL!

They could even move them with magic! Or she can make the couch bigger so that it's more comfortable. Silly people, living like Muggles. You wouldn't believe it! :P

Niccee (:

Reviewer: ashleighhlovesharrypotter
Date: 12/05/10 1:43
Chapter: Chapter 7- The Anonymous Christmas Present

I love this, it's great!

The only thing that annoys me is when they call Hermione "'Mione". Ugh that annoys the crap out of me :P

Great job! x

Reviewer: Goddess_of_Gryffindor
Date: 12/02/10 20:54
Chapter: Chapter 38- Pushing the Right Buttons

Well I suppose I should give up on this one, pity I didnt look at the last updated date before I began reading. Such a shame, I was enjoying it

Reviewer: deseta
Date: 12/01/10 14:37
Chapter: Chapter 1- The Unexpected Visit

absolutely amazing, and totally addictive! please continue it!!! i was so frustrated by the ending, and ive come up with so many alternate endings, but im sure theyre not half as good as what you can write!! please finish!!!!!

Reviewer: birtthebird
Date: 11/29/10 22:56
Chapter: Chapter 38- Pushing the Right Buttons

GAH!!! must... find.... out.... what.... happens....
pleeeease write more!!! (i hope you're still workin on this, because it says you haven't updated since 4 years ago!) you MUST WRITE MORE!!! for my sanity's sake :)

Reviewer: blackbeauty7
Date: 11/29/10 4:47
Chapter: Chapter 1- The Unexpected Visit

WHEN will u update??? its been 4 years since ur last update!! seriously, ur killing us here! AND u left us wid a cliffie :( plz think abt updating. :) :) we LOVE ur story, nd i think ur brilliant.

Reviewer: Xxwhatever23xx
Date: 11/26/10 17:11
Chapter: Chapter 38- Pushing the Right Buttons


Reviewer: milopie
Date: 11/25/10 12:27
Chapter: Chapter 38- Pushing the Right Buttons

i love this story!!!!!
its so sweet, and this is such a huge twist, please PLEASE write more! i want to know what happens!
please continue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewer: Unconditional
Date: 11/24/10 14:40
Chapter: Chapter 1- The Unexpected Visit

absolutely love this but when is an update coming?? Please write more!! :)

Reviewer: malfoy1999
Date: 11/22/10 13:49
Chapter: Chapter 38- Pushing the Right Buttons

please make another book i am dying for the next one i love your story's please and thanx boo byeeeeeee

Reviewer: tarheelgirl919
Date: 11/22/10 6:21
Chapter: Chapter 38- Pushing the Right Buttons

Fave. Story. Ever. Omg. AHHH! It's so good! :D please update soon! I'll love you forever!

Reviewer: wishfulthinking97
Date: 11/18/10 12:28
Chapter: Chapter 38- Pushing the Right Buttons

YOU GUYS. i think shes on now :O she just posted the first chapter and in a review she said that she was planning to finish the story THERE. she has her reasons for being absent so long and why she switched websites apparently. Soo...yeah. omg i wonder if she has chapter 39 written. but it looks like she is posting the chapters one by one there again.

Reviewer: softball36smile
Date: 11/06/10 23:01
Chapter: Chapter 1- The Unexpected Visit

you are an amazing writer. so please, please, please x100000000000000 update the next chapter!!!!! All of your fans have been waiting for quite a while. imagine if you were in their shoes! Don't give up!

Reviewer: jtmurta
Date: 11/04/10 18:25
Chapter: Chapter 1- The Unexpected Visit

Hi I am new to the fan fiction site... I was wondering if you were ever going to finish this story? It has definitely caught my interest! Fun little twist on the actual books. Hope you finish it soon because it is a really good piece of fan fiction!

Reviewer: James Coplan
Date: 11/03/10 6:23
Chapter: Chapter 1- The Unexpected Visit

Something happened? What happened? Please continue the story! I read this all day and its fantastic. By far, the most believable Dramione story I've read. Please continue the story!

Reviewer: leease
Date: 11/03/10 0:33
Chapter: Chapter 38- Pushing the Right Buttons

wah! please tell moar are on the way. *is crazy*

Reviewer: shani_1991
Date: 11/02/10 22:40
Chapter: Chapter 38- Pushing the Right Buttons

finish plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Reviewer: IsaWasTaken
Date: 10/30/10 13:43
Chapter: Chapter 38- Pushing the Right Buttons

I really loved your story, red all of it in just a week.. you are a great writer.. the story in a way reminds me of beauty and the beast.. in a good way. I know this chapter was written over two years ago, but please please please finish the story you can't just leave us hanging on such a crucial point in the story.. please :)

Reviewer: lovelollipops32997
Date: 10/27/10 14:48
Chapter: Chapter 38- Pushing the Right Buttons

are you making more!!! this is amazing!!! i really love your work you made me giggle alot and i dont giggle!!! PLEASE make more

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