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Quicksilver Quill Awards

by ToBeOrNotToBeAGryffindor @ 06/02/12 20:28  

Hello, and welcome to the seventh annual Quicksilver Quill awards!

Since 2006, the Quicksilver Quills have celebrated the best writing MNFF has to offer, last year giving 22 awards across twelve categories. Each year stories are nominated by our members and then judging panels made up of some of MNFF’s finest readers and writers assess each nomination and decide upon the winners.

This year, in addition to the writing awards, we are adding an exciting new element -- the Forum Quicksilver Quills! You will find more information about these and how they will be run in the Forum Awards sub-forum. You must be a member of the beta forums to be eligible to participate in the Forum Awards.

This year there will once again be twelve categories. In each category there may be one or two winners, and winners may be separated into one-shots and chaptered.


Best General Story
Best Dark/Angsty Story
Best Humor Story
Best Canon Romance Story
Best Non-Canon Romance Story
Best Same-Sex Pairing Story
Best Alternate Universe Story
Best Poetry
Best Marauders' Era Story
Best Post-Hogwarts Story
Best Next Generation Story
Best Original Character

Nomination threads open today and will close on the 23rd July, at which point judging will begin. Anyone is welcome to submit a nomination either via the forums or as a comment on the archives. We are looking to find the absolute best stories from the last twelve months. They should be well-written, have engaging plots and characters, and be a good representation of the category they are nominated in (though they don’t necessarily have to have been submitted to the corresponding archive category). In short, they should be the stories that make you go WOW.

The rules are similar to previous years but please refresh yourself with them anyway to make sure you nominate the right stories in the right categories.


+ Only stories written (or in the case of chaptered fics updated) since the 1st June 2011 are eligible to be nominated.
+ Stories do not have to be in the corresponding archive category to be nominated. For example, a story may be in a romance category but if you think it is particularly funny, it can be nominated in humor.
+ An author or story can win more than one award in the same year. We reserve the right to place a cap on the number of awards given to any one author/story at a later date.
+ An author is eligible to win in a category they have been either winner or runner up in before.
+ Winning stories from previous years may not be nominated again in any category, though with the twelve month rule, we do not expect this to be an issue.
+ Please use the form below and ensure you provide a working link. Nominations that do not follow the correct format will be removed. Try to consolidate your nominations as much as possible.
+ Do not second nominations -- seconding clutters up threads and gives an unrealistic indication of how many stories have been nominated. Having more than one nomination does not increase a story’s chances of winning.
+ Any author can be nominated, including moderators.
+ The judging committees reserve the right not to present an award in any categories where they do not feel the standard of nominations is high enough.


As with last year, I will be opening a thread in this forum for members to volunteer to be judges. Judging can be demanding but also fun, and we really value the input of as many members as possible in the judging process. You can find more information on judging in the sign-up thread over on the beta boards. If you don’t have an account on the beta boards, you can sign up for one and follow procedures to be sorted into a house. You can then sign up for judging.



Most of the nominating will be done on the forums but if you don’t have a forum account then you can nominate stories by posting a comment on this post. All the above rules still apply. To nominate in this way please, use the following form for your post:

Nomination category (this should be award category, not archive category):
Title of story and link:
Reason for nomination:

Any nominations which do not use the appropriate form will be removed.


If you have any questions, please post below!

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