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Battle of the Genres Challenge!

by the opaleye @ 03/22/17 4:04  

Entry Masterlist:
Burning Secrets by DossyVilja
Fear in Itself by whichone
Weight of the World by whichone

Below is a list of literary genres to choose from. Pick one you like and write a fic or drabble in the style of the genre.

Click here to see the list!

+ Each prompt can be claimed multiple times. If two people have done the prompt before you and their entries have been posted then you can go full steam ahead - there are no limits. You can also use the same genre more than once - if you want to write three Biopunk fics then by my guest!

+ If you write a romantic pairing, they do not have to be canon.

+ You may include OCs.

+ Fics can be one-shot or chaptered.

+ All ratings and warnings must comply with MNFF standards. If you are posting a drabble here on the boards, we will not accept anything over 6th-7th years or anything that contains graphic acts or language that are not suitable for the boards.

+ If you have any other questions then post here in the comments below. We also have a thread on the beta boards here with more info.

+ This challenge will run until May 31st, 11:59pm GMT.

+ Use the form below when posting your fic in the comments:


Title: (including link)


DossyVilja written on 05/29/17 9:04

Genre: Mystery
Title: Burning Secrets
Rating/Warnings: 3rd-5th Years; Violence

Jessica Parker written on 07/05/17 9:29