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The NOTP Valentine Ficathon

by the opaleye @ 01/20/17 23:59  

Fic Masterlist:
Love and Alchemy by Kerichi
Sticks and Stones by whichone
The Other Woman by whichone
Threads of Hope by Oregonian

Not all ships were created equal. Some are just more doomed than others. We’re going to celebrate that.

We don't just have OTPs. Most of us have ships we don't like, or even hate. This ficathon is for those ships. The NOTPs.

In this activity you will write fics or poems for various ships you don't particularly like. Rather than a challenge, it’s more of an activity to give some ships you don't really like a go, and to see them in a new light. All fics will be posted here in a masterlist and featured on the MNFF tumblr.

So how is this going to work?

+ Write a fic for a ship that you currently do not like or once disliked. As per usual, you may write as many fics as you like!

+ Fics should be 800+ words. They can be one-shots or chaptered. You may also write a poem.

+ This activity will run until March 1st, 11:59pm GMT.

+ We have a thread on the beta boards where you can post prompts for writers to use, but writers do not need to use the prompts if they don't want to.

+ Go to this thread to read the prompts and post your own. If you claim a prompt and write a fic, you can post the link to your fic in the comments below or in the Great Hall here.

Use the form below when posting your fic in the comments:


Title: (including link)