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Server Migration

by Rosie @ 06/24/16 15:10  
Hello lovely authors,

With the beginning of a new Era in the Wizarding World fast approaching, we need to move to a new server. As such, the queue is currently closed to prevent anyone's work getting lost along the way.

Please bear with us for a few days whilst we pack up our travelling cases and sort ourselves out. We will be back very soon with all of your beloved content!

Please refrain from posting reviews or comments for the time being as these will likely get lost as well.

Reading from our archive is welcomed and encouraged, but you may experience some downtime during the change over. Please accept our apologies in advance for any inconvenience caused.

09/16/2016 update: We apologise for the wait for the queue to reopen. The server migration is just about complete. Once complete, we will announce it. Please just bear with us for a little bit longer. Right now, it is a test phase. All is looking good and shouldn't be much longer before it is ready to go.
moonymaniac written on 07/25/16 12:40

Is there an update on when the migration might be completed?

the opaleye written on 08/05/16 21:21

moonymaniac - we are just waiting for our administrator to give us the all clear. Apologies for the wait!

Hotrav written on 08/23/16 20:45

Will I have to get a new password to submit chapters? My old one doesn't get me access to a menu to do that.

JustAsSaneAsYouAre written on 08/25/16 18:25

Is there a reason I cant post more chapters? Or is that just part of the downtime?

Hotrav written on 09/10/16 21:18

Still can't post new chapters? What gives?

Piwakitt written on 09/14/16 17:21

Hi, I cannot post new chapters either. And there are also a few spam reviews for my story. :(

whitehound written on 09/29/16 4:25

There doesn't seem to be any way to contact the site directly so I'm using this comments box. Is there a reason why your site appears in almost microscopically small print in light grey on white? It's not even as if my eyesight is especially bad - it's normal for a woman of 57 - but I was hoping to read a fanfic on your site and I had to give up. To read it I would have had to copy the whole fic into Word and tweak it to make it visible, and somebody who actually had poor eyesight wouldn't even be able to tell which areas of the page to copy. It's the very reverse of accessible.

the opaleye written on 10/01/16 6:36

Whitehound - I'm unsure why our site is not working very well for you. We have a range of skins available to view the site. You can change the skins by selecting from the drop-down box at the bottom of every page. Hopefully you can find one which works better for you.

You can also enlarge the text size when reading fics. You will find "- Text Size +" and clicking on the + will make it larger.

You can contact moderators through their author pages. Clicking on contact will send an email to us directly. The best people to contact about site issues are Roxy Black and mudbloodproud. For other matters, contact NikkiSue, myself or Oregonian.

Hopefully some of these tips will help. If not, please do get in touch with us.

Verita Serum written on 10/03/16 18:47

Hey guys,
Don't want to come across as pushy, but do you perhaps know roughly how much longer the migration will take? It's just 'soon' is so vague, and I know you can't be too specific, but I would love an idea if possible, so I don't have to be bummed every time I check :) Thanks for what you do!

the opaleye written on 10/15/16 0:50

Verita Serum - I'm sorry, I really wish we could give you a more specific idea. It's hard for us too! Last I was told by our administrator is that it would be October. I'll let you guys all know as soon as we have something concrete.

Misshogwarts1125 written on 11/19/16 15:46

Dear Opaleye,

You said it was going to be October and we are now halfway through Novemember. Could you give us the latest? I'm hoping my favorite authors will be able to update soon.


the opaleye written on 11/28/16 23:57

Misshogwarts1125 - Good news! The queue has now reopened and we already have new chapters in the Most Recent.

barbglenn written on 06/02/17 8:20

Just found a fanfic contest - do you have any idea how it works if I copy my entry from here?

leepipers written on 06/06/17 6:12

Hi Barb,
I guess that would be plagiarism, if you copy your post from this blog and send it to participate in the contest. Though, I'm not sure. Perhaps, it would be better to contact the managers of the fanfic contest. Do you have any contact e-mail?
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