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The Doomed Ship Valentine Ficathon

by @ 01/21/16 3:33  

Fic Masterlist:
Communi Damnum by Nagini Riddle [Harry/Hermione]
The Marred Boy by Padfoot11333 [Remus/Sirius]
A Ship to Wreck by FloreatCastellum [Astoria/Padma]
The Crime is Never What You Steal by BrokenPromise [Albus/Gellert]
We Rise and We Fall by minnabird [Cedric/Oliver]
Carried In My Heart by Oregonian [Hannah/Ernie]

Not all ships were created equal. Some are just more doomed than others. We’re going to celebrate that.

In this activity you can give and fill prompts for various doomed ships. Rather than a challenge, it’s more of a celebration for those ships we have come to mourn.

First of all, what is a doomed ship?

Not all ships are doomed. A doomed ship can be one or more of the following:

1. One or both members of your ship died, disappeared, or left e.g. Remus/Tonks, James/Lily
2. One or both members of your ship were in another relationship at the end of the book or in post-book canon according to JKR e.g. Draco/Pansy, Dean/Luna, Katie/Angelina
3. The relationship is never resolved in canon e.g. Fred/Angelina, Albus/Gellert
4. Canon hates your ship (and wants it to die a death full of torture and/or emotional suffering) e.g. Harry/Hermione, Draco/Ginny, Tom/Minerva

There may be some crossover in the above categories e.g. Fred/Angelina is doomed because a) Fred dies, b) Angelina marries George according to post-book canon and c) their relationship was never resolved in canon. Basically, they’re really, really doomed.

So how is this going to work?

Go to this thread to read the prompts and post your own. If you claim a prompt and write a fic, you can post the link to your fic in the comments below or in the Great Hall here.

Use the form below:


Title: (including link)


FloreatCastellum written on 02/01/16 3:00

Hi, I'd really love to take part but I've never been able to register an account on the forums properly. I've tried lots of times. Any advice?

the opaleye written on 02/01/16 3:39

Hi FloreatCastellum. I can see you have a username on the Beta Boards but are not registered to a House. I will PM you a Sorting Quiz. Once you are registered to a House, you will be able to see the Great Hall and take part in this activity. Please feel free to email me or send me a PM on the boards.

Secret Marauder 90 written on 02/02/16 13:59

Hey, I'm kind of in the same boat with registering an account on the forums. Can I have any help?

the opaleye written on 02/03/16 4:04

Hi Secret Marauder 90. I have PMed you the Sorting Quiz so once you have sent this back, I can sort you into a House and give you access to the full Beta Boards. FloreatCastellum, I was unable to PM you for some reason so I have emailed this quiz to you instead.

chemicalflashes written on 03/30/16 16:03

Can you PM/email me the quiz too? I am in the same situation as the people before me. Thanks a lot if you do. : )

aaronxu written on 04/17/17 2:08

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