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Spam Reviews

by mudbloodproud @ 07/11/15 14:55  
The Admins and Moderators just wanted to make you aware we have been seeing some spammers leaving spam posts as reviews. Please, if you receive one of these, just simply hit the Report This link and let us know about it.

Please don’t always think that the author will catch the review and let us know about it.

Thank you. It is only with everyone’s help, we can continue to be the premier site for Harry Potter fanfiction while keeping this site family-friendly at all times.

Your Mugglenet Fanfiction Staff
FloreatCastellum written on 08/26/15 14:43

My account has been deleted twice from the forums when I've tried to register, with no reason given. Is there something I'm doing wrong or are the forums no longer functional? I used to be very active on them years ago under a different name, I'm only just getting back into fanfic.

L A Moody written on 11/23/15 22:18

Just found one on my current work in progress, but can't find the "report this" link to let you know about it. It's very recent and is near the top of the review listings. Any other way to report the spam? Don't dare to respond for fear of creating some sort of virulent pathway.