New Year, New Challenges!
Happy New Year, MNFF! With a new year comes new challenges. Check them out.

The Weird Sisters: B-Sides and Rarities

Where? The Great Hall. Click to enter.

When? Until Feb 12.

This month, all you Wrocking Wordsmiths out there, your challenge is to take a song from any genre of rock (from light rock to scream-o death metal, and everything in between) and give it a good Potter treatment. Re-write the song (at least 50% of the words) to make it a song that might make it on the Wizard Wireless Network’s rock station.

The rules are simple:

+Pick a song that meets the criteria. If you’re not sure, ask one of us, but the spectrum is so broad that it is probably okay.

+If someone else used the same song as you, it’s fine as long as your titles/subjects aren’t the same. Otherwise, bagsy goes to whoever got there first.

+Rewrite it to make it fit into the magical universe, OR you can rewrite the song to be ABOUT the magical universe.

+Submit the entry ONLY in this thread.

+Use the form provided.

At the end of this activity, all these entries will be combined into one fantastic album on the archives. Each song (entry) will have its own track (chapter) and will be credited to the artist (author) who wrote it. Past editions of similar projects have garnered thousands upon thousands of reads and are featured on the archives for three weeks, as well, so if you’re looking forward to a bit of MNFF stardom, this is your chance.

All entries are due in this thread by no later than February 12th (some leniency for time zones will be allowed).

To find out more about this challenge and post your entry, click here. You must be a member of our beta boards to enter.

The January Challenge - A New You

Where? The Three Broomsticks. Click to enter.

When? Now until January 31st

We suspect everyone knows how January got its name. The Roman god, Janus, was the god who said 'Ta-Ra' to the old year and 'Hiya' to the new. And for that reason he had two faces. One old, one young. (Bit like Prof Quirrell - see everything ties up in the end.)

For this month's challenge, we want you to take a canon character and give them another side, a secret, no less. Not just any secret, this has to be something to do with their heritage - or their blood. Whether they've known all the time or are just discovering the secret is up to you, but it's how they handle the knowledge that's going to make your drabble compelling.

You have free rein with the secret, so why not attempt something fantastical? In the past we've had Narcissa as a part Veela and Abraxas as a Vampire, so perhaps follow those lines rather than Zabini discovering his mum kills her old husbands, or Dean finding his dad was a wizard.


Word Count. Between 400-800 words.

All drabbles must conform to MNFF guidelines.

Use of a beta is encouraged.

Closing date: 31st January 10 PM (GMT)

The Third Annual Fiction Junction Review Drive

Where? Fiction Junction (click to enter) and the archives

When? Until April 20th

Now in its third year, the Review Drive is responsible for hundreds of reviews to stories which may not have been noticed otherwise. Also, the wonderful reviewers who have made this possible have earned a lot of points for their efforts. We aim to keep up the pace yet again this year!

Your hard-working moderator (ToBeOrNotToBeAGryffindor) scoured the entire archive, category by category, for any story that met the requirements I set. The requirements are as follows:

+Stories validated or updated between December 1, 2012 and November 30, 2013.

Of these stories, one-shots or single-chaptered incomplete fics with two or fewer reviews, and

Chaptered stories with an average of one review or fewer per chapter.

This is how the activity works: a maximum of eight points will be available for EVERY story listed. You all review the stories listed, and points will be given based on the quality of your review. This is a great opportunity for members to show a bit of house pride and put up some points. Not only that, it gives the authors of these neglected stories the lovely, warm feeling of receiving reviews.

As mentioned, points will be awarded on the quality of the review. A few lines that say what the reader liked about the story will earn one point, whereas a review with detailed, in-depth analysis and constructive criticism will earn up to four points.

There is no limit to the number of reviews you can submit, nor a limit to the number of points you can receive; it is all determined by your participation level.

To enter you must be a member of the beta boards.

Click here to read more about the challenge and submit your reviews!

Fiction Junction Recommendation Station!

Where? Fiction Junction. Click to enter.

When? Ongoing.

Comb through your favourites and reviews, or even just trawl certain categories to find stories you've read and liked/loved and think other people would enjoy reading.

You must be a member of the beta boards to earn points for your recommendations but anyone is welcome.

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