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Now Hiring New Moderators

by mudbloodproud @ 05/24/12 0:10  
Hello! We’re looking for new additions to our mod family, to help the site run smoothly and be an enjoyable and interesting place for all who use it.

We are accepting applications to fill several open moderator positions. Before applying, please be aware that being a moderator at Mugglenet Fan Fiction requires time and dedication, so please only apply if you feel you have to time to contribute.

As a moderator, you would be required to fulfill the following duties:
- Moderate a certain number of stories every month.
- Participate in important decision-making discussions regarding the site.
- Answer any questions Mugglenet Fan Fiction members may have.
- Tend to the Beta Forums.

There are several characteristics we look for in our moderators, such as:
- Leadership
- Motivation to help others
- Courtesy toward others
- Respect

We only hire moderators who display strong reading and writing skills. Applicants should have or should be willing to create an account at the Beta Forums. All applicants must be at least 13 years of age.

Please fill out the following form when applying:

How long have you been part of MNFF?
Stories on MNFF:
Qualifications: (Beta work, PI accreditation, real life qualifications)
Possible Problems (Anything you see that may hinder your ability to mod. Please be honest)
Why you want to mod:
Names of people who will be recommending you:

You will also be required to include three recommendations. At least one of these recommendations must be from another member of Mugglenet Fan Fiction. Remember that the best recommendations are ones that are objective and highlight both strengths and weaknesses. Many members are willing to give constructive recommendations, including some moderators. Please though, respect the availability of mods and members when asking for recommendations. Recommendations must be received within two weeks of application.

Applications and recommendations should be sent to mnffstaff1@gmail.com. NOT the staff or any of the mods emails. ALL recommendations should be sent directly to this email, not through the applicant. Please be sure that the recommendations are clearly marked, with the subject line reading 'Mod Recommendation for (username).' Once your complete application has been received (including the necessary recommendations), you will receive a confirmation email. Good luck!

MJ_Padfoot written on 05/26/12 20:03

How long will this be opened for?

NikkiSue written on 05/28/12 1:33

Several weeks, I believe. The applicants will need to allow time to submit their carefully worded apps *coughs* as well as time for their rec letters to be requested (and written). We might leave it open longer if we don't fill the spots!

depinkpanther45 written on 06/08/12 3:55

I sent in my applications and my recommendations were sent, but I haven't gotten an email. If you could clear this up it would be awesome, thanks :]

mudbloodproud written on 06/09/12 17:54

Once an application and all the recommendations are received, then we send an email out to let the applicant know that the application has been posted for the moderation staff to review. The process of deciding on an application once it has been posted doesn't have a set time limit, but it usually doesn't take longer than a week or two.
Terri {mudbloodproud}