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As of today (6th February) the queue is accepting submissions once again. You may once again submit stories. We are expecting there to be somewhat of a spike in submissions as people add the stories they have been working on during the downtime, so please be patient if it takes a few days longer than normal to get to your story. Thanks again for sticking with us!
Posted by coolh5000 on 02/06/12 22:11 (15 Comments)

I'm certain that there's been a lot of hard work by many people resolving this. Thanks everyone. -N-
- Northumbrian on 02/07/12 7:55
I've submitted a story, and 5 seconds later it was rejected saying that only one genre can be chosen. I only had chosen one genre.
- Harrypotterlover1 on 02/07/12 21:13
Harrypotterlover1-I have e-mailed you. In future, if you disagree with a rejection then e-mail back the mod.
- welshdevondragon on 02/07/12 21:22
I can't get my story validated. What am I not doing right?, what am I missing?
- Harmthuria on 02/17/12 21:49
Harmthuria-I have e-mailed you. I hope this answers your questions.
- welshdevondragon on 02/21/12 8:03
I submitted my newest chapter in December, and it was never rejected or accepted. Then you began experiencing problems with your submission. After which point and this point, I submitted the chapter again. I have now waited 3 months to post my chapter with no response whatsoever. I don't know what else to do except take this story to another website..?
- rachelll176 on 02/29/12 19:33
rachelll176-I have e-mailed you.
- welshdevondragon on 03/01/12 18:34
I was just wondering how long does it take for a story to get validated?
- stilletto on 03/02/12 17:22
stilletto-if your story has been in the queue more than eight days, then contact us about it. The time taken to validate varies, but it should never be more than eight days.
- welshdevondragon on 03/02/12 19:47
I was just wondering if there are other problems with emails? I haven't been getting notifications when my favorites are updated or when I get comments... I didn't even get an email saying that my latest chapter was validated when it was put up. I checked my settings and the "send me email notifications" box is still checked. Just wanted to know if this was just a problem with me or if it's affecting other people as well. Thanks!
- The_Dream_Team on 04/15/12 3:36
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