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Submission Problems

by coolh5000 @ 01/25/12 12:06  
EDIT: 5th Feb 2012 - We apologise for the continued problems with story submission and are still doing our best to fix things. We will update here once the queue is functional again. Thank you for sticking with us.

We are currently experiencing problems with submitting stories. We are working on the problem and doing our best to find a solution. In the mean time, if you encounter an error when submitting your story, please wait a few hours and try again. We will update here as and when we know more. We apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience!
Harmthuria written on 01/25/12 12:50

Could someone please help me in finding out how I get someone to beta my stories? I've looked all over and am sure I just missed the explanations, but I am anxious. So if one could help...

Equinox Chick written on 01/25/12 12:54

Click on the Beta Forums tab, and then search in the Betas' Guild. Or set up a thread. You'll need to join the Beta Forums, though.

Northumbrian written on 01/27/12 12:15

Hannah, is this affecting stories in the queue? I've had a challenge fic waiting for 8 or 9 days now. It seems to be in the queue, but now I'm wondering.

Harrypotterlover1 written on 01/30/12 23:21

I need a beta!!!!

Alice Mac written on 01/31/12 14:46

I've been trying to submit a chapter that is very close to the 10000 word limit, but I know for certain that it's under even though it keeps saying it's over every time I submit it (even after cutting down a bit). Is this because of the submission problem?

Fynnsmom written on 02/01/12 23:03

I've had problems for a few months with submitting chapters. When I submit a chapter the punctuation's all messed up and I get squares rather than my punctuation. It takes forever to submit a chapter. Then, the past two times I've gotten the chapters rejected and I haven't received a message explaining why. Is there some place where these letters are stored or is there a way I can find out what was wrong with the chapters? I've just been not submitting since it takes so long to begin with and then I don't know why if something's rejected. If you can tell me what to do I'd really appreciate it.

Ruby Emeralds written on 02/02/12 2:59

I've been trying to submit a new chapter for the last week and I keep receiving the same error message: "A fatal MySQL error was encountered." I was wondering if this is part of the problem that you are aware of or if this is a new concern. Good luck with fixing the system!

welshdevondragon written on 02/02/12 16:54

Alice Mac: The word count on MNFF takes into account apostrophes/ contractions as different words, so will usually be slightly higher than the MS word count. You may have to submit it as two chapters (once submissions re-open. Apologies for this.

Fynnsmom: There has definitely been a problem for everyone with submitting chapters for the past week or so, but as far as I know, it hasn't happened previously to anyone else. Depending on how recently your chapter has been rejected we may be able to help you-post the details of the chapters on the MNFF Beta Forums in the 'I didn't get a rejection letter' thread (found in the sub-forum Questions), and we'll see if we can help.

Ruby Emeralds: This is happening to everyone at the moment. We are working on it, and hopefully will have it fixed soon.

1clevergurl written on 02/04/12 7:43

I too got the mySQL fatal error message, but can see the story when I go into "Manage Stories" under my account. Does this mean it made it through and is now in the queue to be reviewed? I am a new to posting stories and wasn't sure how else to verify. Cheers!

NikkiSue written on 02/05/12 20:49

1clevergurl - Speaking from an Admin's point of view, if your chapter is waiting in the queue, it's not visible to me. When I log in to look it simply says, "No results found." We are all hoping this gets cleared up in the very near future. Once again, many thanks to all of you guys for sticking with us. We are very grateful.

PotterNut99 written on 02/18/12 3:39


Komrelo written on 03/12/12 0:56

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