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Strike Against Censorship!

by Roxy Black @ 01/18/12 15:30  
Here at MNFF we generally avoid anything political as we believe everyone has the right to free speech and free thought.

Today however, this freedom is being threatened and we must speak out. MNFF is a creative fansite, encouraging members to use existing material to inspire their own content. Under the controls of SOPA and PIPA, we would not be able to offer this service and MNFF would likely be shut down. JK Rowling herself has said she has no problem with fanfiction, but our creative use of trademarks and copyrighted imagery would be in breach of these acts and we would be silenced.

"Hogwarts is threatened! Man the boundaries, protect us, do your duty to your school!" yelled Professor McGonagall in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Andrew Slack of the HPA shared this with us: Today an untold number of people across the world are standing up for a human network that is changing the world for the better. Today, we are showing an old order that the time is over when American people would look the other way as laws like SOPA and PIPA get passed to supposedly "protect" artists. Today, the Internet strikes back to expose the Orwellian language for what it is.
The Harry Potter Alliance (HPA) is joining wikipedia, Boing Boing, Reddit, Mozilla, Word Press, Google, and thousands more doing our duty to protect our rights! Check out their web site now...its the same as Wikipedia and thousands of others: The Harry Potter Alliance

Join the largest online protest in history: tell Congress to stop this bill now!
Equinox Chick written on 01/18/12 20:23

Well done, MNFF. This affects all of us, and needs to be stopped.

FearlessFlyer written on 01/19/12 1:20

I will be contacting my representative and Senator. This needs to be shut down.

PhoenixGryffindor written on 01/19/12 2:46

Thank you. I'll sign the petition and get my friends to also.

georgeisholey written on 01/21/12 2:08

I blogged. And signed petitions. And did a lot of pacing.

Padfoot11333 written on 01/23/12 16:58

I can't really sign petitions. Or blog. Or do much of anything. Because I'm underage. But I still don't want this to happen.

Harrypotterlover1 written on 01/25/12 0:36

I need a beta