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Site Issues Resolved

by Roxy Black @ 09/14/11 10:02  
After several hours without the forums today, we think we've finally got our issues resolved and the site is now back up and running again.

Unfortunately we were not able to restore those chapters that were in the queue so we would now invite those authors to resubmit. If you have any issues, please let us know.

Thank you all for your patience.
welshdevondragon written on 09/14/11 12:12

I had two one-shots in the queue and according to my "Manage Stories" they're still there. Should I remove them and resubmit them? I'll ask about this on the forums as well- I hope that's all right.

Equinox Chick written on 09/14/11 12:38

Well done, Rosie. If you make your way to London, I'll buy you a large drink.

xxbabewithbrainsxx written on 09/14/11 12:55

Um, the boards are down for me now. :S

Ithinkrabis2people written on 09/14/11 13:22

The boards appear to have gone again...

secret_hermoine written on 09/14/11 13:23

Both of these issues have appeared on my computer as well...

Radcliffefan07 written on 09/14/11 13:31

The boards are down for me as well. At least as of this moment...

harry4lif written on 09/14/11 13:32

I just figured I'd let you know that the forums are down on my computer also. And the archives were too. Somehow that's back though.

Padfoot11333 written on 09/14/11 14:28

Boards are not working for me either...

c diggory written on 10/22/11 3:32

HStetler written on 11/05/11 17:18

Stories with warnings won't allow me to read them, although I'm logged on. It just goes back to the main page.

tamina13 written on 11/06/11 2:19

i want to know why on earth i cannot access the stories i want to read any more. honestly. i am almost 17 but i had already read most of them. why not now? can anybody help me?!!!!!!!!!!!

IamBritish written on 11/06/11 22:53

I can't read any stories with age warning either, it's been a couple of days now ;(

Vicky-t written on 11/08/11 7:02

I agree!! It won't let me read anything professor! It's been a week and I'm pretty sure being over 21 is over the age of 17... WHY IS THIS HAPPENING? I'm concerned and I thought I was the only one with this problem :(

HStetler written on 11/14/11 2:30

Still having a problems with the warnings....

harryislovely8 written on 01/04/12 2:03

Every day I go to check if my story has been accepted but every day it is deleted. I thought it might have been rejected but I never got an email, also I have been trying to join the beta forums but they haven't sent me an ok email either. kinda confused...