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Over the last couple of days the archives have been experiencing a few problems that have resulted in us being forced to close the queue again for the time being.

Any chapters that were in the queue have unfortunately been deleted, however we will hopefully be able to restore them when we reopen. Please bear with us while we investigate these issues.

We'll post again when the queue reopens, for now please enjoy the stories that are already up on the site. The beta forums are also open for writing help, challenges, discussions and games.
Posted by Roxy Black on 09/10/11 18:05 (16 Comments)

Nice to know it's not just me who's come back after an absence... Thanks for all your hard work, mods! :)
- Ithinkrabis2people on 08/17/11 1:57
And it's nice to know that you are trying to clear the backlog. Thanks for letting us know, and thanks for your hard work. -N-
- Northumbrian on 08/17/11 4:19
Thanks for the announcement! Hope you aren't getting sick of HP due to the influx. Then again, is that possible?
Do you need more MODs, at least temporarily?
DItto on the thanks.
- Mom2Rose on 08/19/11 23:08
Mom2Rose - We held a mod hiring very recently for that very reason! Apply next time you read about it. ;-)
~ NikkiSue (Staff)
- NikkiSue on 08/20/11 13:05
Thanks so much to all of our wonderful mods who read through and validate all of these stories. We appreciate all of the hard work you guys put into it! --Emma
- hermione_granger4life on 08/21/11 16:08

Does the queue closer mean we aren't allowed to edit our stories until it is opened? I went to my account and the "manage stories" option was gone.

- Lyra Lestrange on 09/01/11 18:39
I was worried since i did not read this till now that there was a glitch in my server. But im really happy that i will be able to start submitting. And thank you mods for letting everyone know. Have a good time reading.
- Mugglewriter_14 on 09/01/11 19:45
Awww I really wanted to post a story today..........
- WitchyFinchy on 09/10/11 11:24
Good, I was worried that something was wrong with my account. I really wanted to post a story though. Any idea how long this will take?
- Sarah_Weasley on 09/11/11 17:27
Is anyone else having trouble accessing the Forums? I'm just getting an error message...
- Ithinkrabis2people on 09/14/11 4:55
OK, it's fine now, sorry about that!
- Ithinkrabis2people on 09/14/11 8:28
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