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New Look

by Roxy Black @ 08/07/11 10:48  
As many of you may have noticed, Mugglenet Fanfiction has transfigured itself into a new layout over the last few days. Our troublesome adverts have now been hard-coded into the skins which should hopefully make them more comfortable and less disruptive to your pages. We apologise again for having to include them but this is out of our control.

With the advent of the new design, however, we have been able to bring back a few old friends. We now have a selection of 10 skins for you to pick and choose from, allowing you to show some house loyalty (or disloyalty) and enjoy some beautiful artwork that was designed by MNFF members in the past. Simply select your chosen design from the information box on the right and enjoy!

Please make sure you change your skin preferences within your Account Info page. If your account is still set to an old skin, you may find the design you are currently using disappears after certain tasks.

As ever, if you spot any glitches or errors, please report them over on the Beta Forums.
Jaspergirl2010 written on 08/07/11 17:11

I really like the new look. Good job on it. :)

Tonks4life written on 08/07/11 17:57

hi so the new look is awesome, but the banner pic is broken, on mine anyway. I don't know if it is broken for everybody, but just thought I'd point it out if it is.

Revy-Rider written on 08/07/11 19:01

Just wanted to say I can't update anything, but I love the new look!

Ithinkrabis2people written on 08/10/11 15:10

Loving the MischiefManaged layout! :D

Slightly off-topic, but I really want to change my penname... Is there someone I can talk to about doing that, or should I just make a new account...?

Lyra Lestrange written on 08/10/11 20:28

Thanks for bringing back the skins! I was missing my favorite Lumos design!

Soccer_rocks_likeHP written on 08/12/11 9:58

I love the new look!!! You guys have really done a great job! It looks so sophisticated, but still has the fun feel that us writers and readers enjoy. It looks beautiful.

thesmart1 written on 08/15/11 18:04

Ugh... I don't really like the new layout. My first impression was utter hatred because it was now more difficult to access all the links. I really liked how all the links were on the left side before, so that i need only scroll up and down to access them all. Now, some are up top, some are on the left... I don't like it much, after considering it. It looks nice, but it's so inconvenient.

Roxy Black written on 08/26/11 15:11

thesmart1 - All of the links that were on the left are now in the box on the right except those which were thought of as 'main site links.' These are now at the top. If you're viewing the top of the page, all links are still available on one screen. This should make it easier to find the links you use the most whilst also allowing navigation to other areas from a smaller amount of space. This gives us more room for the 'most recent' and 'featured' stories boxes whilst also creating space for the required adverts. I hope once you're more used to the change it'll prove to be less inconvenient.

readergirl166 written on 09/01/11 10:32

How do you submit a new story with this layout? The option is gone from the account area.

hermioneknowsbest written on 09/01/11 15:31

Ahhh! I can't submit a new story! The option has disappered! I can't find the link anymore!