Mysterious May
There is a new challenge for oneshots as well as chaptered stories in the Great Hall!

We're trying to blow the Mystery category up, but also get mystery stories into all the other categories on the archives.

There are four prompts, including a co-authored story, plus the extra credit.

Anyone can participate in the challenge, but you need to have an account on the MuggleNet Fan Fiction Beta Forums and need to get sorted. All this works very quickly and easily, and then you can jump right in.

For any questions, you can email me through the archives, or send me a message on the forums.

I really hope to see some fresh faces in there this month! The challenge will remain open until the 13th of June.
Posted by Karaley Dargen on 05/09/11 15:09 (12 Comments)

I am not sorted on the beta forums. I know that I'm supposed to send a PM to SortingHat, but whenever I look up the member SortingHat, I don't see this person. I would like to submit to this contest, but It won't let me be sorted. How can I enter?
- NextGenerationWriter on 05/29/11 13:39
Hi, This is the link to the SortingHat: Sorting Hat. just Click here and then select send private message.
- coolh5000 on 05/29/11 18:09
I finally got sorted (into Ravenclaw) but I can't get into the Great Hall, where I heard the prompts are for the Mystery Challenge. That was the main reason I wanted to be sorted--so I could participate in the Challenges. Anyway, am I doing something wrong? Or, are there more steps to being sorted that I have to do before I can see the prompts? You do not want to hear any of my corny jokes about not being able to find the Mystery Challenge prompts:D Thanks for any information.
- Fynnsmom on 06/03/11 18:53
I can't find the prompts and I have been meaning to get started on this challenge for ages now. Is the forum closed or something?
- thesmart1 on 06/07/11 12:55
I have an idea for a challenge. Does anyone know where I could suggest it? Here is the idea: New Month Next Generation Contest (July).
- NextGenerationWriter on 06/07/11 16:05
Sorry – we moved the forums, and I hadn't edited the link yet. It's all fixed now, and the challenge is open for another two weeks.

NextGenerationWriter, there is a Challenge Suggestion Thread in the Great Hall.
- Karaley Dargen on 06/16/11 10:58
I was sorted years ago but have not been around much since then. I'm supposed to be in Gryffindor but no idea if I still am. I don't see the Great Hall anywhere and I want to see the prompts/ challenges so I can participate.
- XenaTwin on 06/22/11 21:58
I hope I'm not doing this wrong, but I have a question/comment about the Mysterious May Challenge. I was recently sorted into Ravenclaw House. I wanted to be sorted so I could participate in the Mysterious May Challenge and maybe some other challenges. I submitted the first chapter of a 2-3 chaptered story on June 25th, early in the afternoon. I mistakenly put it under Humor, not realizing it should go under Mystery (I didn't know where the Mystery category was) or Contest Submissions. In fact, I'm still not sure where it should have gone. Apparently, not Humor though. I found out tonight, from a more experienced author on this site, that I should have probably put it under Contest Submissions. My question is whether the story can still count for Ravenclaw since this is my first time submitting and, furthermore, I don't think it was clear from the challenge announcement where to submit it. I do tend to overanalyze things and I think that was my problem here. So, please, please, accept my apology and my humble writer's attempt. I am fynnsmom of Ravenclaw House.
- Fynnsmom on 06/30/11 20:37
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