Addition to Email Problems Post
There have been a few changes to mod categories since the staff page was last updated. Please contact the following mods for information about your story:

History: theblacksister
Mystery: Karaley Dargen
Poetry: luinrina
Post-Hogwarts: Viv
Next-Gen: solemnlyswear_x
MWPP: mudbloodproud
Ron/Hermione: Karaley Dargen
Harry/Ginny: Viv
Ron/Hermione & Harry/Ginny: Colores
Other Pairings: luinrina
Harry/Hermione: solemnlyswear_x
Hermione/Draco: NikkiSue
Harry/OC: luinrina
Ron/OC: mudbloodproud
Hermione/OC: Phoenix5225 (
James/Lily: Colores
Severus/Lily: theblacksister
Draco/Ginny: theblacksister
Remus/Tonks: Phoenix5225 (
SSP: mugglemathdork/mgle_teacher
AU: mugglemathdork/mgle_teacher

For those categories that do not have a specified moderator (General, D/A, Humor) please email me directly at and we will track down the mod who worked with your story.

We realize the huge inconvenience this places on everyone, and we appreciate your patience as we get this bug worked out. Thank you!
Posted by Kim on 03/04/11 10:54 (7 Comments)

Just letting you guys know, I am also the mod for Draco/OC.
- NikkiSue on 03/04/11 21:24
So do you have to do this if you are posting a story now, as an example?
- The Silver Dolphin on 04/10/11 8:50
You only have to contact a moderator if there is a problem with your story. To post a story, please use the submission form that you can find in your 'account info' page and follow the submission rules.
- Roxy Black on 04/10/11 16:55
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