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Email Problems

by NikkiSue @ 03/03/11 19:46  
I wanted to keep all authors in the loop regarding a problem the mods are having when sending emails after a rejection or validation.

We have discovered that although we are filling out the email forms and submitting them to the authors, they are not all making it to their destination. In order to attempt to fix the problem, we are - beginning tomorrow March 4th - going to be keeping track of rejection letters we send out. This way if an email does not make it to an author, we can pull up the document with what we had stated in the message and communicate it to those questioning our rejections.

As far as validated chapters, all I can recommend is to keep an eye on your account and watch from there.

Please remember to contact the moderator in charge of each category when you have issues with rejections. The names and categories are listed on the staff page to your left.

We thank you in advance for your continued patience and welcome any questions in the space below.
indigo_mouse written on 03/15/11 21:50

Do the problems with your email extend to problems with the Beta Forums? I have been trying to log into the Beta forms for a week with no success. It tells me my password is wrong, but when I try and reset it I get messages that there is a problem with the database and that an email is being sent to the administration.