Through the Keyhole – A Charity Anthology from the authors of Mugglenet Fanfiction
Harry Potter has always inspired charity work, whether that is through the HPA, charity events or JK Rowling herself.

This year, Mugglenet Fanfiction has been working on a very special project. We asked our authors to write their own original stories and poems to create an anthology that we’ve called “Through the Keyhole.” This anthology is now on sale and can be bought as both a paperback and a download through

We wrote the book to support a charity by the name of Room to Read. This charity builds schools and libraries in countries around the world where education was previously inaccessible. They have already distributed over seven million books and helped over four million children learn to read.

Obviously, the ability to read and write is what has brought Mugglenet Fanfiction together as a community and we couldn’t think of a better charity to support.

Each sale of the book will give around £3 (just under $5) to Room to Read. This is the total profit from each book sale as the rest of the price goes on production costs.

We hope that you’ll all join us in thanking the authors whose work has been published in helping us raise money for this fantastic charity, and hope you enjoy the work yourself.

Take a look by following the link: click me!
Posted by Roxy Black on 11/18/10 20:11 (6 Comments)

Great Idea, anyway we can see what stories are included?
- ckwright51 on 11/24/10 8:50
the contents page can be seen by clicking the 'Preview' link over on Lulu
- Roxy Black on 01/15/11 19:30
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