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MNFF Technical Issues

by Roxy Black @ 03/27/10 18:22  
Hello everyone,

I'd just like to apologise for the sheer amount of technical issues that are appearing all over the site. I know that they are very frustrating and confusing and that they continue to appear despite being reported to us several times.

We are still looking for a permanent coder to join our staff so if you or anyone you know has experience with various coding languages and database systems and would be willing to volunteer for our site, please get in touch to mnffstaff@hotmail.com .

Until a proper coder is found, we ask for your patience as we try to discover the cause of our problems and fix them.

To achieve this end, we will be updating the database to the latest version of eFiction in two weeks time. This shouldn't be disruptive as it is only a minor update but as usual we ask you to make sure you have saved all of your work to your own computers in case anything ever goes wrong.

Thank you for your continued loyalty and patience and I'm so sorry that these issues go on.
hogwartsbookworm written on 03/29/10 15:41

Would these technical issues people have been having include getting logged out whenever you try to check your account or add stories?
Because if it is, I have been experiencing technical issues too. Very frustrating technical issues.

cjean written on 03/29/10 17:49

when i click on categories my screen comes up blank

Roxy Black written on 03/29/10 22:13

These are both some of the known issues that I was referring to. They do not affect everyone and have so far defied explanation. It may be to do with your browser or internet speed. We're very sorry and can only say that we're trying everything we can.

hestiajones written on 03/30/10 13:36

hogwartsbookworm, the same thing used to happen to me. Using the "Remember me" button solved it. This doesn't work for everyone, but it did for me. You could give it a try.

inkyblack written on 03/31/10 20:11

I have some of the same issues, I'm under a new name and my PM box isn't visible so I can't PM SortingHat! I hope it's just the technical issue going on.