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by Magical Maeve @ 02/16/10 18:33  
Our poetry category is a small but creative section of the archive here at MNFF. We're currently giving it a bit of a face lift, so if you like reading poetry, writing poetry or feel like you would like to get involved but aren't quite sure how to them please drop by the beta forums and say hello in Poetry Anyone?. There are some new challenges coming down the line and the opportunity to get involved with Room to Read so if you want to know more come and join us. Please drop me an email via my user id if you have any questions.
moony101 written on 02/18/10 19:12

here's a clue if you want more poetry here your going to have to be a little more accepting
of things that are not based solely on tradiotional poetic forms

Magical Maeve written on 02/19/10 4:59

Moony101, I appreciate that you have had a repeat rejection on a poem, however that rejection was nothing to with the form, or lack thereof, it was to do with the quality, or lack thereof. I gave you an extremely detailed rejection note with some ideas on how to fix the issues - not least the canon issues. Most poetry on this site does not adhere to any traditional 'form', but is generally free verse, so I'm afraid that particular argument holds no water. Now, I deleted the first comment because it was inappropriate for the comments board. This is also not really the place for this discussion. If you wish to discuss further please email me directly or start a discussion over on the beta forums. If you continue this here all further comments will be deleted as your issues are based soley around personal ones with a specific poem. Thank you.

bite written on 02/19/10 10:41

When is the site back working? As am having trouble getting my second chapter validated for the alternet universe

moony101 written on 02/20/10 3:57

this is not JUST about my rejected poem although i will say that i not only tired to reply to the response you sent me (that came back mailer damion mail not delivered) but sent you a message via the site contact info and got no response whatsoever so apparently this is the only place to have this dicussion

but that is NOT the point; the point is that the majority of the poems accepted here are ryming dribble clearly wirtten by teens or first time amatures

something along the lines or "roses are red violets are blue i stink and so do you"
(example of ryme not meant to be taken as a jab at anyone)

and not only do you reject mine but here you are advertizing the poetry section as if you want more poetry but if you rejected mine i hate to think what else else you rejected.

the help section has nothing on poetry at all forms you accept or don't advice on how to write it so it will be acceptable to you (the lone mooderator looking at it) and i could write no less than a thousdand words on what's wrong with that but i digress)

yet one of your first complaits about mine was the lack of punctuation even though that is A- acceptable in the poetry world and B- a signature on top of that

WHY doesn't the help section include anything on poetry and maybe you should do something about that ideally before essentually begging people to write more

i've said it before and i'll say it again shouldn't the readers be the one to decide "the quality or lack there of " and not you

i'll go a step further and add this moderators should be here to make sure that rules are followed that things are placed in the right catigory, things with explicit content have the correct rating, that there are no fics containing pohibited topics and that things that are too explicit are not here (i would logically assume that thats part of the reason for the report this fuction)

NOT to judge the quality of peoples' writing as if someone made you gods over lituarture

Magical Maeve written on 02/20/10 4:56

Moony101, you have always had issues with our site, which has always begged the question, why do you remain if you dislike it so much? I remember the same sort of complaining back in 2007. Please take this discussion over to the beta forums or contact me via the contact me button. I have updated my email address as it would appear we have been having some issues since the server move so you can contact me that way. One more rude post in the comments section will see your user name removed from the site, as I am not about to go through the same trolling behaviour we saw last time.

Magical Maeve written on 02/20/10 5:02

Bite - I can't see your story in the queue. It could be that it has been rejected and you didn't get a rejection letter due to email issues. Could you please re-submit. There is also a forum over on the Beta Boards to query fics that have disappeared from the queue with no rejection. Or you could check your spam folder as sometimes the emails get filtered there. Many thanks, Jan.

bite written on 02/20/10 10:11


Roxy Black written on 02/20/10 11:52

moony101 - may I also point out that we ask for correct grammar throughout the site. That means using capital letters in your sentences in comments as well. If you are worried about us enforcing the rules, we would ask that you follow them also.

written on 03/11/10 13:20

*giggles* Same old, same old, huh? Anyway, I don't have access to the forums and neither do I appear to have an email addies. I was going to submit a note to the mods via the queue and then realised if I was still validated it would just show up as a story. Not a particularly effective means of communicating with guys. *sigh* Anyway. To the point. I would actually like my account to be deleted. I am no longer active in any way shape or form in the fandom and really don't want to leave a lingering presence here. And any readers of what I've already written can find it on inarrsnape at LJ. Please delete my account.

Oh, and Moony101? You don't stand a chance. From personal experience the Mods all have lives and do this out of the kindness of their hearts. Being bratty isn't the way to get any of that kindness to flow your direction.

Roxy Black written on 03/11/10 13:55

madjh - Sorry to hear you're leaving us. I'll delete your account for you now. Thank you for the recognition of our kindness and good luck with your future ventures!

Luna_Midnight written on 03/22/10 0:03

I am having trouble finding the forum for Poetry Anyone?.Can anyone help me? I am pretty new and blonde {which kinda dosent help lol}.

Luna_Midnight written on 03/22/10 0:05

Also do I need to register for that one too or does this ones work for that to?

Roxy Black written on 03/22/10 19:33

If you click the Beta Forums link in the navigation panel, you will then need to register for a forum account. Poetry Anyone is situated in the Great Hall.

the_weird_one written on 03/24/10 14:11

Moony- you can attract more flies than vinegar than with honey. And spelling and grammar helps, too. (I also appriecaite your kindness, mods. You guys rock.)

Also, I'm kind of glad that you posted something for us to do/work on! I also do see a lot of advertising going around for the Poetry Anyone? section on the boards. It's slowing getting me to join... *inches towards banners* and also urging me to do a Harry Potter poem. We'll see!

Luna_Midnight written on 03/24/10 22:12

thanks Roxy Black

modest written on 04/21/13 6:08

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