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The Site Returns and with a New Category!

by Roxy Black @ 01/12/10 11:08  
Welcome back everyone!

We're very sorry about the recent downtime. I hope you found our updates via facebook and twitter useful. Please note that these will be our main modes of contact if the site is down, so even if you don't have your own accounts on facebook or twitter - feel free to bookmark the pages as you can view our updates without having to respond.

We are now back for the foreseeable future though and will try to bring you news of any further downtime before it actually happens next time.

With the return of the site we bring you news of a new category. Thanks to the suggestions on the Beta Forums and the mods pointing out that there are two kinds of Post-Hogwarts fictions, we have split this category and created a new Next-Generation category. In future please submit any fictions that are about the generation after the second war (So from Teddy Lupin onwards) to this category. If you have one of these fictions in Post-Hogwarts at the moment, please do move it over. We hope you'll find this new category to your advantage and thank you all for the suggestion.
Im_No_Muggle written on 01/14/10 20:21

The downtime was a bit frustrating. I didn't think I could survive for so long without my daily visits to MuggleNet, MuggleCast, and MuggleNet Fanfiction! Glad to see everything is up and running again. I like the idea of the new category. I think it makes it clearer to distinguish prior to reading something. My only concern is that people with older Post-Hogwarts stories will not change their categories to this New Generation category.

emck_21 written on 01/22/10 1:59

Not reallu sure where to ask about this, but I've been having trouble accessing the Beta Forums. I've clicked the link, but it doesn't work...is this related to the site going down, or another problem, or is it just my computer being silly?

coolh5000 written on 01/22/10 7:16

Unfortunately the forums are down again due to another server move over at the MN main site. We're hoping to get access back very shortly.

bite written on 02/06/10 11:51

Hi, i am having trouble getting my second chapter validated I have updated it several times but here nothing for ages. I would like to get my second chapter up and running. Who do i contact to get it sorted.

bite written on 02/19/10 10:42

what does downtime mean? Is the site taking a break for a while.

Sariana written on 03/02/10 1:55

I can't get to any categories at all. When I click on Categories, a page comes up with that as its title, but the rest of the page is blank. If I click on Romance Fics, I get one story. Something isn't working properly. (It's March 1, 2010, so I don't think it's because of the "down" time.)

coolh5000 written on 03/03/10 16:20

Which skin are you using? If it's anything other than Dragon, that could be the problem.