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Happy Birthday MNFF

by Roxy Black @ 11/16/09 12:20  
Well look at that... we were all happily writing away and we forgot that the 14th was a very special day for MNFF.

Our site was created back on the 14th November 2004! It seems ages ago now, I can hardly believe that we're five years old! I guess that I can't believe I've seen all five of those birthdays both as an author and moderator as well but that's another issue. :)

We've had so many wonderful stories over these five years, and while the series may be over, your continued love for the fictions will keep our fandom alive. We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of you amazing authors who make this site possible!

Here's to many more years to come!
SK witch written on 11/17/09 8:19

Ooo! Happy belated birthday mugglenet fanfiction! ^^

type-n-shadow written on 11/19/09 20:00

Its still going strong, even after Harry Potter mania in the media has cooled. That's when you know there's some dedicated fans! Not to mention an ingenious and invaluable site. I say thanks to everyone as well!

HermionePotter written on 11/23/09 19:30

Happy belated birthday. It seems as if this site has died- I'm the only member logged in? That has never happened before- back even a few months there were a good 100+ people on at a time, even if they were guests. I miss the good old days, I hope this site can live up to its former self.

Summer Highland Falls written on 12/31/09 18:41

I know this is the wrong place to ask, but how do I change the layout?

bite written on 02/08/10 8:01

Hi i am having trouble getting my second chapter validated. The mods don't tell me if it has been validated or not. Is anyone else having trouble submitting.