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It's Here! Sharpen Your Quill

by Roxy Black @ 06/28/09 8:46  
It’s Here!

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is finally time to let you all in on the secret! I am very proud to be announcing the release of Mugglenet Fanfiction’s very first book!

Sharpen Your Quill – A Guide to Creative Writing

Some of you may remember that we asked you to fill out a survey last year, saying what you would want from a book designed to help you in your writing exploits. After a year of planning, writing and editing, I’ve managed to create a friendly but concise guide that should hopefully give you everything you need on the basics of writing fiction and poetry. It is a beginner’s guide, but the information is great for revision for our more experienced authors as well. Who knows, maybe in the future we’ll create an advanced guide to supplement it :D

I’ve been very lucky to have the opportunity of writing the book as part of my education, as a sort of mini dissertation or thesis, so I’d like to personally thank you all for giving me the chance to do it. I think I’m now the first person to get an official qualification in Mugglenet Fanfiction!

But yes, as many of you know we have been holding our own Triwizard Tournament since Easter in the lead up to this release. This was no mere site challenge! As promised, the winner will receive a special prize. That prize, along with House Points on our Beta Boards, is a free copy of the book! So congratulations go to our first ever Triwizard Champion…

Sainyn Swiftfoot/BB!

You’ve been an excellent competitor in this competition and I really hope you enjoy your copy of the book!

The rest of the results will be posted in the Hogsmeade forum so run on over there if you took part and to congratulate our winners.

Second and third place will also receive house points, so congratulations Equinox Chick/Carole and Tim the Enchanter/Tim!

Now that the competition is over, it’s time to launch Sharpen Your Quill properly to you all! The book is an 85 page reference guide, packed full of information on plot, character and writing in general. We’ve published using an online Self-Publishing company, Lulu.com, in the hopes of making it available to as many of you as possible. You can also take a look at the first few pages on Lulu.com so why not head on over and check it out?

It can be bought via Lulu itself, or on Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk. The archives won't let me post the links unfortunately, I'm not quite sure why, but they can be found over on the Beta Boards Here! It may be available on others soon, but hopefully these three should be able to ship to most places globally. If you’re having difficulty getting hold of a copy, please email me at ‘Rosie [at] fanfiction [dot] Mugglenet [dot] com’ and we’ll try and sort something out for you!

If you do buy a copy, please let us know what you think either by leaving a review at the site you bought it from, or by going to our Beta Forums and leaving a post in the new forum “Sharpen Your Quill” located within the Hogsmeade forum. Or you can, of course, drop us an email at the address above.

We hope you enjoy the book!
Sainyn Swiftfoot written on 06/28/09 8:50

This is so awesome! xD :D The book looks awesome, Roxy. AMazing work.



The_Lovely_Rowena written on 06/28/09 11:14

That looks cool! I think I'm going to get it.

summerlily42 written on 06/28/09 11:56

sounds cool! i should get that!

LuNaLoVeGoOdLoVer written on 06/28/09 22:05

ooohhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! this is SO cool!!!!!!!!!! i so wanna get it! good job! *goes to amazon to get amazing book*

weasleywannabe47 written on 06/29/09 10:44

Excellent, Roxy, well done.

I'm so ordering that book the very instant I go into a book store.

Well done BB, Carole, and Tim!

I thought 'it' would be Mugglent accepting stories in foreign languages...but this is so much better!

weasleywannabe47 written on 06/29/09 10:45

Double-posting to ask:

What author's name will it be under? MNFF?

Roxy Black written on 06/29/09 20:20

Due to legal reasons and the like the name on the book is actually my real one so you can search for it under "Rosie Morris" but you can also find it by searching the title "Sharpen Your Quill" or by following the links on the forums.

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