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The (not so quick) Quick Silver Quill Awards

by MNFF Staff @ 04/02/09 17:05  
Once upon a time… quite a long time ago really… we asked you all to nominate your favourite fictions for the 2008 Quicksilver Quill awards. We are extremely sorry for the long delay in getting these announced but the time is finally here! Each person nominated has contributed so much to the site, and these Quicksilver Quill awards recognize the top MuggleNet members in each category. Please give your congratulations, a round of applause, and perhaps a kind review to each of the winners and runner-ups. Winners and runner-ups, please check your inbox for your award! Email me Rosie [at] fanfiction [dot] mugglenet [dot] com' if you did not receive your award or need a correction made.

Please note that some of these links link to stories rated 6th-7th Years and Professors while others lead to our beta forums which may or may not be accessible to one without an account there.

Unfortunately, the archives are refusing to let me post them! *sigh* I swear these things are cursed! The full list of winners is now available over on the Beta Forums. Please visit Here to find out who our lucky authors are.

coolh5000 written on 04/02/09 17:23

Just to let you know that I'm sending the banners out as we speak, though with so many winners, it may take a little while so please don't barage Rosie with emails just yet!

Congratualations to everyone who won, was nominated and a big thanks to everyone who helped.

YourWildestDreams written on 04/02/09 17:30

Congratulations to everyone you won! You're all so amazing!!! Can't wait to see the banners. ;]

Vindictus Viridian written on 04/03/09 10:28

Congratulations all!

I'm not a bit surprised that the archive won't post the winners; this year's QSQ has been jinxed from the start. We needed Severus to de-hex them, and, well...

written on 04/03/09 14:10

AH sorry I didn't see Hannah's comment and I sent her an email ... oops.