April Fool!
You guessed it, MNFF has once again pulled off their annual birthday celebration for messers Fred and George Weasley.

We hope you enjoyed your 24 hours of Twilight and aren't too upset with us.

The Twitternet category will remain up for a while for people to show off the works they came up with on this day. Authors may remove their work at any time.

Stay tuned this month for a bucket load of exciting events on MUGGLENET FANFICTION.

Oh... and it's coming, you know!
Posted by MNFF Staff on 04/01/09 18:41 (27 Comments)

YES! i knew it! im happy it was a good joke!
- The_Dream_Team on 04/01/09 18:53
I love the pranks you Mods pull each year; so far, I think the best was saying we would have to pay to submit stories, last year :) Didn't over 200 ppl comment on that one? Can't wait for all the exciting events coming up!

*breathes a sigh of relief: The creepy pic of Patterson is GONE! :) *

- Trivia Camlee on 04/01/09 18:54
Clearly this was a joke...however, people still seemed absolutely *shattered* with threats of leaving MNFF and throwing fits, etc, etc. Still, good joke. Just...can we please be reassured that the this isn't permanent? Because, well, *dies* I love Twilight and Harry Potter both. Just...not together. *dies a horrid and tragic death*
- Angela_Prongs on 04/01/09 19:01
Nice joke, guys! You really had us going for a while.
- Silverah on 04/01/09 19:16
hey i noticed that the way that the chapters, complete, and word count is set up after the summaries of the stories... u know wut im sayin? also wen it was last updated... i kinda prefer the other way cuz it was easier 2 read... sry this is kinda cunfusing! >_
- The_Dream_Team on 04/01/09 19:27
Wait - you mean my Luna/Edward fic will never be written? What about the Cedric/Edward banner I so desperately wanted? I for one think you modly types rock. Great idea! I hope you are laughing at some of the hysterical reactions, and shrugging off some of the harsher ones. I suppose it wouldn't be half as fun if people actually played along one year and had fun with it, but maybe someday it will happen. Keep it up and good luck with whatever is coming! :)
- Gmariam on 04/01/09 19:30
You're all still evil. :)
- A H on 04/01/09 19:55
oooh man hahaha I remember last year jeeez I was so scared that I was gonna get a bill for like $10 because I had submitted a story with grammatical issues... but idk this year was pretty awesome too. You mods rock! AND WHAT IS COMING?
- YourWildestDreams on 04/01/09 20:03
yea, lolz nice, yea! WHAT is coming?!
- shmalt on 04/01/09 20:42
whoops, submitted befor eI was done ranting, lolz ok, WHAT is coming?! Hopefully an acceptance to my favorite story's next chapter I hope....*hint hint* *coughcough* lol
- shmalt on 04/01/09 20:43
Thank God this was a joke, I was about to have an aneurysm. I quite enjoyed all the "I Hate Twilight" going around though. :)
- HeRmiONe923 on 04/01/09 21:12
Hey, I didn't realise it was a joke. Too bad, I was looking forward to it.

I still think last year's joke was the best (or worst...) ever. Money for mistakes. I was going to block the site. Hehe.
- Deadly_muggle2101 on 04/02/09 2:19
oohh thank god its a joke... i dun think i could stand twilight and harry potter fics together... it was so confusing....eventhough i love both ...but cant stand them being together:P.... by the way, good one... u guys had me there...
- JeeviS on 04/02/09 2:20
It was very convincing.
Nice job, but i think it was made more convincing becasue Harrypotterfanfiction did the same.
Im not going to deny that i was fooled.
- The-heir-of-Gryffindor on 04/02/09 5:36
"You're all still evil. :) -- Posted by A H "

I do hope this wasn't meant to be news...

(And yes, it's still coming.)
- Vindictus Viridian on 04/02/09 7:42
What do you mean this was all a joke? I... I... I need to complete my story. What will happen to poor Rosalburga Aphrodite Black without me to guide her to Hogwarts? She hasn't even met Teddy yet! *sobs noisily into lace handkerchief*
- Equinox Chick on 04/02/09 9:54
Hahaha, this was funny. I wish I would remember when it's April Fool's Day so I wouldn't take pranks seriously!
*Glad to have the hp layouts back!
- theMIGHTYgiantsquid on 04/02/09 10:25
I just about died. My first day on Mugglenet fanfiction and they had TWILIGHT! I love the 2 stories but there should be boundaries *laughs at penname*
- Luna_Cullen on 04/02/09 11:23
i knew there was a joke on the main mugglnet but i thought id just missed something and this really was going to be twitter whatever i am quite scratch that extremely glad that no twilight will cross on this site..*glares at caption contest*
- wotcher_slytherin on 04/02/09 16:04
THANK YOU IT'S ONLY AN APRIL FOOL!!! Wow seriously, you had me scared! I'm so happy it was just a joke!!! Thank you thank you thank you! I'm SO relieved!
- LokitaNaky on 04/04/09 22:56
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