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by Twitternet Fanfiction Staff @ 03/31/09 16:36  
Twitternet Fanfiction

Now you can enjoy two of your favourite fandoms on one site. Twilight and Harry Potter. We'll be keeping all of our normal Harry Potter categories, and adding some brand new Twilight and Crossover categories for your enjoyment.

This is a continuing process, so please bear with us as we iron out the kinks and work to blend these fandoms together. We will be changing to a new domain name within the next week.

We've been planning this for a little while now, but we had the final push from the bosses the other day and now we're ready to bring this to life!

Twilight is here, and it's here to stay!

Welcome to all our new authors from TwilightSource, Mugglenet's sister-site who are yet to create their own Fanfiction database. Now they won't need to.

From today, you will be able to submit pure twilight fanfiction to the appropriate categories, and crossover fictions into the Twitternet category. Previously, we have not allowed any crossovers on this site. We will ONLY allow twitternet fictions, no other fandoms should appear.

Also, over on our beta boards, you will find plenty of new Twilight additions, from character help to fun games and quizzes.

We understand that some people may not be totally happy with this change, some of our moderators aren't fans of the books either, but we ask you to simply ignore the Twilight section of the site as much as possible.

Thank you very much and enjoy your new site!
ily_DracoMalfoy written on 03/31/09 16:51

why are you doing this to me?!
ahhh two of my favorite sites in one day, first harrypotterfanfiction.com/ and now you guysss! why oh whyyy :(
i want a HARRY POTTER site, god dayum twilight is like trying to take over the world ! wowww this pisses me offff.

Silverah written on 03/31/09 16:55

Please tell me this is an April Fools joke or at least chose some colors that aren't blinding. The white lines/red bars/black text bit is kind of hard to read.

theMIGHTYgiantsquid written on 03/31/09 16:57

This is stupid. Why can't there be two different sites? And why do we compare Twilight and Harry Potter? They're completely different.

Inverarity written on 03/31/09 16:59

This had better be an April Fool's joke.

theMIGHTYgiantsquid written on 03/31/09 17:01

And when are we going to get our layouts back? I don't like Robert Pattinson staring at me, I feel like he's going to bite my neck.

GryffindorGirl163 written on 03/31/09 17:05

I don`t like this much i love both Harry Potter ans twilight but this has always been just Harry Potter and i like it much more that way. I don`t like having them together because there both different and should be appreciated on different sites

Silverah written on 03/31/09 17:06

Not to mention Bella's blank, dead stare from behind him. That's creepy.

lostinside1 written on 03/31/09 17:07

Hmm... Over the years you guys have actually made a habit of starting your April Fools jokes on the night before. As convincing as this one may be though I'm not so sure you are serious. For starters, the first Twilight story has been written by a mod. Whether Twilight's here to stay or not I have a request. If it's staying make it clear what stories are Harry Potter and which ones are Twilight. :)

shmalt written on 03/31/09 17:15

I sincerely hope that this is somekind of April Folls joke. If not, please enjoy the following rant-God! I love Twilight as much as the next person, but this! This is just...!! UGH! I HATE IT! I WANT MUGGLENET BACK THE WAY IT WAS! someone please tell me this is some kind of joke or...or...something! I want my Harry Potter fanfics back the way they were!

The_Dream_Team written on 03/31/09 17:16

no. I am a twilight h8r. I am cryin rite now and i will never come back if this isnt an april fools joke. And if this is a joke it is not funny. Dont do this 2 me mugglenet!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

lostinside1 written on 03/31/09 17:20

lol! Dramatic much? There's no need to cry even if this isn't a joke. *waits for mods to start complaining about their inbox- could be waiting a while since this site is dead*

RedChequeredConverse written on 03/31/09 17:21

*prays that this is some sort of twisted April Fool's joke*

Nitwit Blubber Oddment Tweak x written on 03/31/09 17:33

Okay. I love Twilight; no, seriously, I do. But Harry Potter rules all. This is Mugglenet and Mugglenet deserves to be just Mugglenet. Nothing but good old Harry Potter. If this isn't an April Fool's Day joke, Mods, I pity all of you.

*hopes it is April Fool's Day joke*

The_Dream_Team written on 03/31/09 17:41

i was jk bout the cryin!!

lostinside1 written on 03/31/09 17:43

lol okidoki The_Dream_Team. If you notice they haven't chaged the Disclaimer yet but they've changed the skin... :P

Roxy Black written on 03/31/09 17:45

Oh! Thanks for pointing out the Disclaimer! I completely forgot about it! You've just saved me a possible lawsuit!

A H written on 03/31/09 17:47


Silverah written on 03/31/09 17:51

Oh, the disclaimer just changed. Probably because you pointed it out, mind you...

Rather thorough for a prank, but I still suspect that's all it is.

Doxy Eggs written on 03/31/09 17:54

This better be a prank! I hate this! Please, why can't we just have this ONE thing just for Harry Potter?!

lostinside1 written on 03/31/09 17:56

Damn.... why did I point it out? I could have got the lawyers onto you aswell!!
Btw sorry for the repeat post just above... when I refreshed it made me resend the message.