New Year - New News
Hello everyone!

Happy New Year. I hope you’ve all had a good break and aren’t suffering too much under the strain of work or school.

There’s been a lot going on behind the scenes at MNFF this winter, and now it’s time to reveal all!

Firstly, Audiofictions is now fully up and running. The seasonal episode was released earlier this month and our team of MerMuggles are now busily working away to get your chosen fictions recorded and released for your audio pleasure. If you have a fiction you’d like to nominate, please visit the Black Lake over on the Beta Forums.

As you know, we were hiring moderators back in October and they’ve all now been welcomed fully to the team, so please congratulate:

babekitty_92 - Abbi
bittersweet_lullaby - TF
LucillaJoanna - Joanna
luinrina - Bine
R_Ravenclaw - Alison
solemnlyswear_x - Melissa
coolh5000 - Hannah
mudbloodproud - Terri
TheBlackSister - Alice
thechocolatefrog – Hannah

This is the largest hiring we’ve done in a long time, though it was done in two sections. Congratulations ladies, you’ll do us proud!

Alongside that, we’re very sadly saying goodbye to two of our admin team. Songbook99 and MarauderbyMidnight are both leaving us in the next few weeks, and will be sorely missed. Taking their place will be Roxy Black and Phoenix5225.

2009 will be an important one for MNFF. We’ve got a lot of plans to help retain our title as the best Harry Potter Fanfiction site on the web.

Now that we’re back with a full team of moderators, queue times should be much faster meaning you may now write to your hearts content without having to worry too much about waiting.
Watch this space! 2009 is not the year of the Earth Ox in our calendar! It’s the year of the Fiction Dragon!

Stay safe!
Posted by MNFF Staff on 01/18/09 20:03 (18 Comments)

Congratulations to the new mods and Roxy Black and Phoenix5225! And good luck! I look forward to seeing what you all have in store for us. I have enjoyed fanfiction here at MNFF for a very long time and am glad to see there is still a lot of enthusiasm behind the scenes. Thanks! Thanks also to Songbook99 and MarauderbyMidnight for all you both have done for so long. It will seem strange without you. Best wishes. :)
- moonymaniac on 01/18/09 22:58

is it just me, but I was unable to access the Black Lake.


welcome new mods, and a happy new year to all

- Magdalene Rose on 01/19/09 1:31
Magdalene Rose, I think only sorted members can see the Black Lake. Please PM Roxy Black for the Sorting quiz, and you will be ready to go.
- Phoenix5225 on 01/19/09 7:51
Congrats to all of the new mods! :)
- bertiebott12 on 01/19/09 8:24
Congratulations to the new mods!! Good luck to you and enjoy!
Beth and Karin - you will totally be missed! What a fantastic job you have done here - good luck to you as well!
And to Kim and Roxy - you'll be great admins!
- Gmariam on 01/19/09 11:36
Congratulations to all of the new Mods, and to Roxy Black and Phoenix5225! We know you'll all be awesome.

To Songbook99 and MarauderbyMidnight- thank you for all the great work you have done for this site, and we will miss you! Good luck to everyone! :)

~Trivia C
- Trivia Camlee on 01/19/09 11:46
Welcome to all the new Mods! You guys are gonna do great. Congrats. :]
- YourWildestDreams on 01/20/09 15:22
Yay, congratulations!
- Fenrir_Confringo on 01/22/09 18:57
i wish i wasnt suffering form all the strian of school!

congrats to the new mods! im sure youll be fine! no worrries!
- Magic Marauder on 01/23/09 15:29
I dont think this is the right place to say this but i will say it anyway. The featured stories have been neglected (again) and they have to change. I have seen some stories stay up there for over a month. Just thought you might want to know.
- iceboy814 on 01/30/09 22:44
i still can't access the black lake :(  and I am offically sorted...
- Magdalene Rose on 02/06/09 22:54
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