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by Roxy Black @ 10/07/08 17:48  
In preparation for our relaunch tomorrow afternoon, all of the skins bar one have been closed for use. Don't panic if the screen doesn't look like it normally does! It's just me playing around with the system.


I suggest you visit the Beta Boards where some interesting new features have been popping up...

What exactly is the Black Lake??
Fire_And_Ice written on 10/07/08 17:51

this black lake business is driving me craaazy! i'm no good at riddles. at all.

moonstonesilver written on 10/07/08 17:56

i don't know what the black lake is :$ Seeing that I am banned :$
Hahaha, yay!! my layout is safe! =D Haha, Roxy honey, I don't think I've ever seen you post news so informally =D It was really funny to see you writing like that =)

Roxy Black written on 10/07/08 18:30


It's true, I'm human sorry. :) I'm not some letter writing machine.

Perhaps I'm just excited about tomorrow...

clumsywerewolf2438 written on 10/07/08 18:31

I can't wait until I get all the parts of the riddle! Unfortuantely, everyone I PM'd was offline by the time I finished PMing them...

i AM lily potter written on 10/07/08 22:53

Is there a riddle we can look at? Or do we just have to keep guessing at what it is?
I can't wait to see it!
Once again, nice work, mods. You're doing so many cool things with the site.

Dark_Angel123 written on 10/08/08 3:37

hey, is the queue for new story submissions open now?

lostinside1 written on 10/08/08 9:48

:) I cqan't wait to find out what the black lake actually is. hehe


On a different subject completely I had this layout saved. (We will always be free) and it doesn't look how the current default sdoes because the ads ihaven't moved. Just thought I'd point it out.


:Goes back to squealing:

Hufflepuff at heart written on 10/08/08 10:24

Is the queue open yet?

Is it???

*is far too excited*!

Natalie11 written on 03/22/12 6:33

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