Regarding Our Situation
Hello everyone,

There have been a number of questions and concerns floating about the site, and so we'll now attempt to answer them adequately.

MNFF is growing quite rapidly, in part due to the fact that the series is now over and so fan fiction has become a respite for many mourning fans. This means that, should we wish to continue providing a fast and capable site, more memory and server space is required. Therefore, more funds are required. The Ads you currently see around the border of the site are the solution that the senior staff on the main MuggleNet site has implemented. However, we are hoping to introduce our own, less distracting and more aesthetically-pleasing solution(s), and are taking the time we have now with the queue closing to work towards that aim. In the meantime, the Ads will remain. Once we implement another solution, it is our hope that they can be removed.

We would also like to assure you that we hope to give any surplus income from either the ads or our own fundraisers to a charity, allowing your work and your presence here on the site to help others less fortunate.

It is because of this, in conjunction with September being a notoriously busy month for us, that the queue was closed in the first place. We understand that this particular closing did not go as smoothly as past ones, leaving some authors without certain story functions. We deeply and genuinely apologize for this. We would never knowingly or purposefully restrict you from handling your own work. It was an extremely regrettable accident, and one for which we can only pray forgiveness.

In any case, we think our revenue ideas are very exciting ones and we hope that, when you see them, you'll agree. We have not forgotten who we work for, or why this site exists at all. You are all irreplaceable members of this community, and without your saintly patience and understanding, none of these site upgrades would be possible.

Thank you all,
MNFF Staff
Posted by Roxy Black on 09/21/08 17:11 (22 Comments)

I'm a little confused.

As far as I know (and as far as I can tell by the disclaimer at the bottom of the page) Mugglenet is a for-profit site. A tiny bit of research tells me that "As of 2008, MuggleNet is owned by Spartz, Inc., a for-profit Indiana corporation registered by Emerson Spartz in 2007". So my assumption is that any surplus income goes into the corporation. And the corporation is under no obligation to disperse it to charity. In fact, as a closed corporation, Spartz Inc. is not under any obligation to disclose its books to anyone. So while the idea of donating to charity is quite charming, it is certainly up to the corporation.
- indigo_mouse on 09/21/08 17:29
Whilst it is true that Mugglenet is a for-profit site, we feel that your writing is your own and should be treated as such.

Also, the legality of making profit from fanfiction is something that has not been made completely clear. We don't want to tread on anyones toes, especially in light of the recent situation with the HPL, and we want to make our site worth something more than just words and money.

Like I said, we are hoping to use the money for charity. Websites are expensive and our revenue is likely to be relatively small anyway. What we do make will go first to the site, to pay our bills. We are still in negotiations as to what will happen after that, but the above is our desire for the site. I hope you'll agree that this is a reasonable desire for us to have.
- Roxy Black on 09/21/08 17:45
I think it is admirable to donate the net profit to a charity. I can't see that there is any legal obligation to do so, as a for-profit corporation owns this site, but I think that it would be a strong gesture of good will to include in your disclaimer that any profits made from commercial advertisement are reinvested in the site (that would include depreciable assets, services and staffing costs), should that become the case.

Copyright law states that anything I write here (including what I am typing now) is my property, I am merely using Mugglenet Fan Fiction as my medium of expression. Unless I were to disclaim that my works are available to be copied, it would not be legal for someone to do so (not that that is particularly enforceable, of course).

I don't know if the ads would count as "making money" from fanfiction. That sounds like an interesting legal boondoggle. However, many other sites do the same thing and don't seem to be having legal problems. The fact the Mugglenet Fan Fiction did not until recently was part of the charm of the site, for me - the parent Mugglenet ran ads and I could ignore them. I was sorry, although not surprised, to see that change.
- indigo_mouse on 09/21/08 18:52
I agree with everything you've said. :) The charity side is by no means a requirement. It is something we wish to do and hope will be possible.

And may I complement you on your use of the word "boondoggle." It's one that I haven't seen before but enjoy very much.
- Roxy Black on 09/21/08 19:40
thank you for trying to find another solution to having advertisments!!!!!!
- mock_turtle on 09/21/08 19:44
I think it would be FANTASTIC if you could donate any profit above and beyond the operating costs of the site to charity - especially if it were one of JKR's charities. I'm sure she would appreciate it as well. Good luck with it, and all your other work during the closure.
- Gmariam on 09/21/08 20:01
So mugglenet.fanfiction will be donating it's profits to charities, while J.K. Rowling herself has how many million pounds in the bank? My, how entirely predictable.

Which is not, of course, to say that any gestures on your part is not welcome. Far from it, and well done. Obviously one would hope for some strong guidelines on such things to ensure that the money for maintainance doesn't slip down the slope of such things, but in my time here I have seen no reason to doubt this sites administrators and workers. Frankly, validating half the fiction here should be a paid task anyway.

What I do hope, is that the means of sustaining the site work out nicely. I confess that I am a little concerned that a new measure will be replacing the banners and ads (which I can't see anyway). I've said it before, and I'll say it again, if anyone is having trouble with the ads get Firefox + Adblock. I might have to post a screenshot in the forums detailing exactly what I see with it on.

Best of luck with everything.
- AurorKeefy on 09/21/08 20:18
I'm sorry, but I have a question and I don't know where else to post one. I tried to edit my story, and it deleted my fic category and denied my clicking on it to put it back. So now it's stuck on hermione/draco fic and it should be a dark/angsty one. I hope it's just mnff having a glitch or something because I'd really like to get it back to the way I had it. Thanks, if you reply to this.

- Fenrir_Confringo on 09/21/08 20:54
Fenrir_Confringo - Your story's category has been edited.
- Marauder by Midnight on 09/21/08 20:59
Thank you so much, I really appreciate it!
- Fenrir_Confringo on 09/22/08 8:16
Thanks for all you are doing, Mods. I will be interested in the specific charities that will be beneficiaries of any money earned. That will be made public, won't it? I like to know what I'm supporting. ;)
- moonymaniac on 09/22/08 9:51
Thanks for all you are doing, Mods. I will be interested in the specific charities that will be beneficiaries of any money earned. That will be made public, won't it? I like to know what I'm supporting. ;)
- moonymaniac on 09/22/08 10:31
As far as I'm concerned, the MNFF staff has done an amazing job. These are volunteer positions, and we, the writers, would have few places to exibit our work if it wasn't for the dedication of the staff and the upkeep of this site. If ads are the way to go, then so be it. Internet service costs. YOu guys are doing a wonderful job. Thank you. Dani
- DaniDM on 09/22/08 11:17
I'd just like to take a quick moment to thank all the moderators (and everyone else who helps work to keep this site running - admins, etc...). I personally think you guys are amazing at what you do, and I think the break you're taking is well-deserved and not unreasonable at all. I'm getting used to the ads, but I wouldn't oppose something different/better. ;) I also love the idea of donating to charities; I never would have thought of it (being particularly naive about what, exactly, it takes to run a website, how much money is needed, all the stuff like that I probably should be aware of).

Anyway, I just wanted to thank all the mods for working so hard, being amazing, and plugging away at this. =) *hugs them all*

- Euphrates on 09/22/08 14:35
You guys are taking a well-deserved break! And I can't wait to see the new changes that will be added - especially the possibility of the layout becoming ad-friendly. I noticed that there is only the ads on the left-hand side of the site now. That was done on purpose, right? (: I like it, because now I only see one ad. (Pretty much, because the BlogHer ones are practically invisible.)

[insert more gratitude-expressing here]
- Vitamin Vicki on 09/22/08 16:44
I would also like to thank all the moderators and the admins for doing the wonderful job that they're doing, and would, like moonymaniac, like to know to where the charity is going, as soon as (and if) that ever happens. Thank you.
- kehribar on 09/27/08 22:26
kehribar and moonymaniac - We will, of course, tell you which charity/charities we're planning on supporting. If you have any names/organizations you wish to put forth for consideration, please don't hesitate contacting any of the moderators.
- Marauder by Midnight on 09/27/08 23:46
hope to see you guys back soon!
by the way, a story I submitted has vanished from the "manage stories" section without any explination. Any advice?
- april_fools_fun on 10/05/08 17:20
april_fools_fun - If you submitted the story after September 17, your story was deleted without notice. Our queue is closed.
- Marauder by Midnight on 10/06/08 10:06
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