Queue Closure
Dear Authors,

September is a very tricky time of year for us mods. We start new schools, find problems with moving house, or even get hit by hurricanes! As such, we’re all very busy people and we’re finding it a little hard to handle the queue. We’ve suffered some losses within our team and we’re hoping to announce the arrival of some new mods very soon. However, we’d like to announce a three-week closure of the queue, just so that we can sort ourselves out. When we reopen, we’ll also hopefully be launching some brand-new ideas that we’ve been working on, including a new layout to help make the ads blend into the page slightly more. The forums will stay open throughout the time and our autumn term classes will still take place. The queue will therefore be closing on Wednesday at midnight EST and will remain closed to new fictions for three weeks. Those fictions that are currently in the queue will be modded during that time.

However, I am sorry to announce that we’ll also be postponing our QSQs. We usually announce the winners at Halloween but due to time constraints we have resolved that it would be more suitable to come to a decision closer to Christmas. We thank you for all of your nominations and they will be taken forward for that time.

Thank you for your kind understanding and we will enjoy seeing your writing again very soon.

The queue is now closed. We will reopen submissions October 8.
Posted by Roxy Black on 09/15/08 17:42 (33 Comments)

That's okay. Real life happens to everyone. Now the results for the QSQa will be even more aniticpated.

- Nevilles Girl on 09/15/08 18:01
Real life happens to everyone? Christ! I thought that was something N00bs bothered with! I better get those bills paid!


Stupid comments aside, I understand and appreciate this hiatus completely. I've long respected the mods for their ability and patience to do things I could never bring myself to do, and though I'm obviously gutted at the queue break, the reasons are good.

As for QSQ, well isn't Christmas so much better a time for the awards anyway? : )

Oh, and I'll say it again. Firefox + Adblock = no ads, whatsoever. I don't even know they're there.
- AurorKeefy on 09/15/08 18:22
Sorry modlies, about your business. :(

Sigh. I was just about to submit something when I read this. >.<

But I understand. xD
Thankies for making such a brilliant site for all of us HP nuts out there.

- Luna_Lovegood11 on 09/15/08 18:36
That's okay, of course. You all sound like you have very good reasons to be busy! Oh, and so sorry about whatever one of you was affected by the hurricane! I hope you're okay and nothing bad happened to you and your family.

- Lunicle on 09/15/08 23:59
Totally understand. I'm sure everyone appreciates how hard you work on this board. I'd volunteer to mod iff eye woz, anee gud at spellinge and, punctuation!!!

Jokes aside- hope no-one's been badly affected by the hurricanes (or tropical storms etc)
- Equinox Chick on 09/16/08 5:57
As long as you mods keep on modding I'll be happy no matter what you do! :D Hope everyone's okay and the stressfull time will pass quickly!

- dumbledorefluertwins on 09/16/08 10:41
Don't apologise, modlies, we all love you and know that you have real lives too. I hope you all get your RL stuff sorted out soon :)

- Andromeda_Tonks on 09/16/08 11:06
thats allright all of us true HP fans really understand how hard it is to have a muggle life and a Wizard life. But i was going to submit the second chapter to my Lily and James Fi (My Happily Ever After try to read it!) but thats alright

hope u are alll ok!

i wish i had thought of a better penname,
- tonks654 on 09/16/08 14:50
Whoa, wait a minute. Mods are real people? For some reason, my mental image of all of you has been something like aristocratically dressed pterodactyls. This really makes me feel a lot more comfortable with the concept of you guys.
- Schmerg_The_Impaler on 09/16/08 16:44
Aww, it's okay! We totally understand. Thanks for all the hard work you put in!


P.S. The new layout sounds good!
- InvisibleAparecium on 09/16/08 18:35
Okay, so, I don't actually have a fic up on this site, but I do love the QSQ's so those will be missed. Thanks for all your hard work, mods, good luck in the next hurricane!


- Passion For Prongs on 09/16/08 21:09
Well it's really sad to see some of you mods leave; you guys will really be missed.

As for the closure, this will give me more time to read more of the stories already up on this wonderful site! We all appreciate the work you put into making MNFF so awesome!

- Hufflepuff at heart on 09/17/08 7:18
This gives me a good a excuse to NOT have my next chapter ready. >.<
- butter_beer_drinker on 09/17/08 11:21
That is really sad- about the mods leaving. you will be missed.
Also, to any hurricane/tropical storm-ed mods- We hope you and your family are safe.
We understand completely- In fact, one of us just moved(me) and know just how hard it can be.
Thank you!
~Briare Rose....(and Lyn)
- lmcayton on 09/17/08 12:58



Anyway, modlies, I completely understand. =) I hope everything gets sorted out and that you guys are all okay.

- Euphrates on 09/17/08 16:08
A break from modding in order to get real life back in order and under control is totally understandable. I hope everything works out well, especially for anyone that was hit by the hurricanes! We'll see you back in 3 weeks!

(I agree with Hufflepuff at heart: this will give everyone a great chance to read the stories they haven't yet! :))

~Trivia C.
- Trivia Camlee on 09/17/08 19:57
Hope u guys r okay... we understand completely, so dont worry
- shadowXer on 09/17/08 20:23
will there still be updates in the stories, despite closure of the queue, or are we stuck with the same chapter stories for three weeks?
- harrietamidala on 09/18/08 17:19
Oh, how sad. I was just about to submit something. Oh well, everyone has a life outside of MNFF! Like we all said before, real life happens! On the bright side this will give me more time to edit my chapters! You guys rock anyway! :3)
- inspireme101 on 09/18/08 17:41
As long as we get the new stuff, I'm ok. [/selfishness]

Good luck with your RLs mods! You'll probably have a huge explosion of fics being sent in when it opens :p
- Kcharles on 09/18/08 17:49
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