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New Option in User Accounts

by myownmuggle @ 08/19/08 15:35  
Many of you have noticed and commented on the Manage Images option that has appeared in your Account Information area. Our coders are hard at work on this function and have not worked out all the kinks just yet.

At the present time, you cannot actually load images. We don't have an estimated time of when this will be fixed, so please be patient and bear with us as our coders continue to work on it.

Please also keep in mind that in the past, this function allowed users to post images or banners only on their author profiles, not in individual stories.

An annoucement will be made when the function is up and running, so keep watching here and on the MNFF forums for more information.
Hermione Lurves Ron written on 08/19/08 15:44

Sweet! This sounds really cool.

ChompingFlowers written on 08/19/08 16:26

WHOO HOO! Banners again! Good job coders!

OliveOil_Med written on 08/19/08 20:21

YES! Molly going to have all her pretty banners up again!

Oh, I just can't wait!

Raffles written on 08/20/08 3:10

Yay, that sounds like and AWSOME function. I can't to try it out!

Vindictus Viridian written on 08/20/08 16:09

Also, when you do get to upload banners, remember we spot check these occasionally for fitting into the generally family-friendly tone of our publicly viewable parts of the site. If you wouldn't want your younger sister or your grandmother to see it (for reasons other than not wanting to explain your Pottermania), don't post it here.

I'm looking forward to having my banner back, too!

Gmariam written on 08/27/08 20:46

Hey mods,
Will you be allowing images besides banners? Such as quiz results? I never put any up, but I recall coming across profile pages that were just ridiculously loaded with them - and if server space was an issue back when you were cleaning house and updating, perhaps banning any images other than those related to story/author banners would help the site function better. Thanks! :)

whitefur written on 09/20/08 9:45

Actually, its about the Manage Stories option in my Account Information area. Its not there!!

Is it because of the glitches with the 'Manage Images' options...or should i start panicking!?