A Little Queue Reminder
Hello there, everyone.
This is just a gentle reminder that our submission rules haven't changed. Please submit your fictions to only one category. When choosing a sub-category, such as a pairing or one of the many under the "general" heading, please make sure that only the sub-category is in the second box. Any fiction that has been submitted to something like "Romance, James/Lily" will be deleted on sight and may not have a rejection letter attached to it.
We have stated this many times in the past but there has been a gentle increase in these submissions lately so we figured it was time to bring it to your attention once more.
There are details on how to avoid multi-cat submissions both in the submission guidelines on these archives and in the Check-In Desk on our beta boards. Please look there for further details if you are unsure.
Thank you!
Posted by Roxy Black on 08/07/08 11:38 (8 Comments)

Hi Roxy Black,
I just wanted to complement you on the friendly and respectful wording of your reminder. I'm sure it is appreciated by everyone.
Tia :)
- TiaBlue on 08/07/08 18:09
OOOO I feel really bad now because I just unwittingly submitted one of those recently. Sorry!!!
- Dory Notell on 08/08/08 15:44
Thanks, I'll make sure I won't do that!
- InvisibleAparecium on 08/08/08 19:06
Hi Roxy Black, i too am grateful for the polite tone of your reminder. Its certainly appretiated by me, and Tia by the looks of things. :D Nadia
- naddie on 08/10/08 14:46
I'll make sure that doesn't happen. I think I've been doing that by mistake. sorry.
- TheHarryPotterGirl on 08/20/08 11:55
Hi, umm how do you contact a moderator?
- bite on 08/29/08 14:36
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