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Dear loyal Mugglenet Fan Fiction members,

Most of you have probably noticed the sudden appearance of ads on our site. The ads are something new we're experimenting with to cover our share of the server cost. We are, after all, still growing, and the costs of running this site may have exceeded our initial estimates. We're still working out the details and random kinks, and we're having a little trouble editing anything significantly regarding the layout of the ads. What you see right now is not permanent. Rest assured that we will make an announcement when everything is ironed out.

In the meantime, we welcome any opinions you may have regarding the ads. Please refrain from merely complaining about the layout. As we have stated, this problem has already been noted and placed on the top of our list of priorities.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you all for bearing with us.

Mugglenet Fan Fiction Staff
Posted by Marauder by Midnight on 08/03/08 10:16 (61 Comments)

If you need money from ads, try using Google AdSense. The ads are small and probably wouldn't mess up the layout, and you get a certain amount of money every time someone clicks on the ad.
Just a thought!
- beckers2011 on 08/03/08 11:00
I love the idea of Google AdSense, so I second that one. If that's not an option and you have to keep the ads, could you get rid of the one on the left? The "non-moving" one on the top is OK, but the one on the left with moving animation really slows things down, not to mention that it's just annoying to be prompted to create something ridiculous-looking called a Zwinky, and I'm hoping that if the ad on the left disappears, I may be able to go back to a world in which I can forget that something that pointless even exists. ;)
- SeverusSempra on 08/03/08 11:12
yeah google adsense sounds good the current ads are really annoying but if you had google ads and all the members clicked on it just once even if they don't care about the ad it would help.
- 11phoenixtears on 08/03/08 11:24
Oh, well. Ad are to be expect, most site's have them It was surprising to see them all, but I don't mind them. Maybe you could even look into some Harry Potter oriented busnesses online. This site would be primo real estate for them, and you could pretty much name your price.

So the site is still growing? Does that mean new options coming soon? Possibly being able to add banners to our author's pages once again? Oh, I can't wait to see!
- OliveOil_Med on 08/03/08 12:46
As long as it helps MNFF and there's nothing disgusting/inappropriate (yes, I just butchered that word), it okay with me.

- Nevilles Girl on 08/03/08 13:17
i see the point of the ads, but please do try to make them smaller amd less 'eyecatching'. they are really distracting.
- _dep_ on 08/03/08 14:34
I'm completely fine with the ads, but it would be great if you could move the ad, which is currently on the left, somewhere else...probably on the bottom of the page? It's sort of distracting and moves everything more to the right lol...
- SK witch on 08/03/08 15:15
I understand the necessity of supporting the site we all love, but the ads are really slowing down the loading time of each page. Is there any way of advertising that doesn't add another 30 seconds to each click I make? Or is that problem simply with my end of things?
- greennotebook on 08/03/08 15:23
I agree with everyone else about the moving ads; they are really distracting and it was nice going to MNFF before and knowing that there were no moving/talking ads, as with every other website, it seems like! It does take longer to load, which is irritating, but they would be more tolerable on the bottom of the page. thank you! ~JustLikeHermione77
- JustLikeHermione77 on 08/03/08 16:02
I understand that you need money to support this site, but please consider moving them or making them smaller. These ones are really annoying and don't go well with the layout.
- Dimitra on 08/03/08 19:43
I hate them, and stopped visiting the site hoping they would disappear. I can not stand the site and it takes for ever to load. I may just have to stop visiting this site all together. It is the last site I still ocansionally use. I will not be back for a while. Maybe then they will be gone or to the point that the site is usable.
- gerberb on 08/03/08 20:28
I personally don't mind the ads. Especially if you have to keep the money going.
- bitingtobreakskin on 08/03/08 21:15
I wanted to add something: I have dial-up and I don't really get slowed down from the ads. I wouldn't stop coming here just because of that. I'm cool with whatever it is you guys have to do to keep the site going.
- bitingtobreakskin on 08/03/08 21:19
Animated ads bog down my computer. Still ones would be better.

And I think the point about HP related ads would fit this site better than random ads.
- Spottedcat on 08/03/08 22:38
I personally don't mind the ads. inculdingthe one on the left because i t dosen't show up on my computer but to google ads do sound like a good idea
- griffen_house on 08/04/08 0:39
I understand that you need the money, and totally second the Google vote. I like the ads that blend in with the side of the page (the little blogsense ones or whatever)
- Hermione Lurves Ron on 08/04/08 10:15
I have no problems at all with ads being put up on the site. I think that as long as you do not have any pop-up ads like those on the Mugglenet main site, it is completely fine. I think you should have HP related ads too.
I hope the ads are shifted to the bottom of the page rather than the left.....the text on the page in shifted onto the right in the present situation and somehow, that dosen't seem very comfortable to me.
- Hermoine Jean Granger on 08/04/08 11:01
i say you delete the random ad on the bottom, place the vertical ad under the navigation, to where it fits perfectly, and place the horizontal ad from the top to the bottom under or over the disclaimer.
just a though :]
- lictor on 08/04/08 11:34
While I understand the issues concerning the ads and why they appeared, I'd willingly pay a fee *not* to not have to see them. Other sites operate in this manner. Members not willing to pay the fee simply have to deal with them.
- on 08/04/08 13:59

the adds do not bother me that much, but I do agree with the fact that the one of the left is a bit annoying. I didn't notice the one on the bottom, so maybe ads can go there. I agree with the idea of google ads.

- TheHarryPotterGirl on 08/04/08 16:01
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