Spam PMs on the Forums
In the last 24 hours, MNFF Beta Boards have been hit by a spam-email attack that has been affecting many boards across the internet. We would like to thank our members for their maturity and the sensitive way they have handled this situation.

For those of you who have, perhaps, not logged into your forum account today - if you have received an email that says "Have you seen this website" or similar, do not open it. It's simply pure spam and there is no need to even think about it. Simply take note of the username and delete the PM.

You can send the username of the offending party to any of the moderators and we will handle the situation.

We are looking into improving the safety of our PM system and apologise for any inconvenience these messages may have caused.
Thank you again for your continued support.
Posted by Roxy Black on 07/19/08 13:10 (29 Comments)

Evil spammers! >:-()
They have no lifes. I'll make sure I dont open that.
- gryffindor_girl21 on 07/19/08 16:35
Oh that is what is was? It completely creeped me out. I deleted it instantly. Gryffindor_girl21 is completely right. Those people have not lives.
- Malfoy_Star92 on 07/19/08 19:03
I got one of these, too. Good luck with this! You mods all work so hard, it's too bad you have to deal with this, too. *gives the mods e-cookies*
- clumsywerewolf2438 on 07/19/08 19:08
does this have anything to do with "NEW!" appearing before every story in the Most Recent category?
- romancefan on 07/19/08 19:08
I was woderig, do the forums use "reCaptcha" verification, if they dont, its something to look into.
- Fawkes777 on 07/20/08 0:51
Sad really, that people get their entertainment by making others go "Ughr, that's disgusting". You'd think they could take up a hobby . . . like sky-diving without a parachute . . .
- dumbledorefluertwins on 07/20/08 6:19
Just wondering why, when I try to put the sender on the ingnore list, it says that there's no member under that username.
- Dara on 07/20/08 6:23
romancefan - no. That feature has been added since our upgrade. The fictions are new in the most recent category afterall.
Dara - if the sender has been reported, we have probably deleted the account and so there is no user under that name.
- Roxy Black on 07/20/08 12:02
I got one of those things too! I'll admit, I was disgusted by it.
I hope the mods can get rid of such trash, and yes, they do a fabulous job!
- moonstargazer on 07/20/08 16:50
Never mind us, it's you Mods who deserve the thanks!
Thank you for doing your best to keep the boards free from spam!
- Lyratearsx on 07/20/08 17:36
I got one of these things yesterday. I didn't get the name though, sorry, and I deleted it right away. It was something short starting with a K. I was trying to find somewhere to report it, but I don't use the forums much, so I wasn't really sure where to go.

Do you know if this thing could give out computers any viruses?
- Hermione Clone on 07/20/08 19:05
I got one, too...All I know is that the first few letters were hpluver...sorry if that's no help...*squishes mods*
- go go ravenclaw on 07/21/08 8:46
The name on the one I got was hpluver365. Thanks for warning everyone else about it!
- DragonDi on 07/21/08 9:13
yes! i was soo creeped out by that! i reported it immediately to songbook99. i'm fairly new to the forums and seeing as this was one of the first PMs i got, was a little alarmed. the name that sent me it was "keveed" Thank you mods for all your help!
- ChompingFlowers on 07/21/08 20:15
DragonDi=you're right! It was that! Also, there was another one...katq. I think you've already banned them, though.
- go go ravenclaw on 07/23/08 8:11
Yes, I received one before the announcement went up and I asked Nikkisue the Slytherin MOM how to handle it, so i sent the information req'd to the MODS. I didnt want to just send it to a mod and offend anyone.

Note to everyone: If you receive spam best not to delete it right away but retaine pertinent information about the culprit then delete. Helps to detect the fraudulent member acct! tata for now!
- rosemerta on 07/24/08 18:05
It totally creeped me out!Thanks for catching onto it so quick. But I have a quick question,how do you add the warnings if you're submitting a new story, I ca aonly add one warning, and I've got around three or four to add. Please help, this is stopping me from adding a fic!
- rayasunshine on 07/26/08 10:11
rayasunshine= you hold down the ctrl button and click each warning you want before you press the > button. PM me at the beta forums if I wasn't clear enough, lol

Mods= Thank you for banning all those idiots. You're brilliant!
- Lola-Louisa on 07/26/08 14:04
good job mods! thanks a bunch for the warning!! (:
- Ren Shire on 07/29/08 15:16
Do you have any idea if it was the users doing it or someone using the accounts other than the user (if that makes sense)? It seems like the latter to me, seeing as you said it isn't just pertinent to MNFF, but...

- Euphrates on 07/29/08 20:55
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