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Queue Wait Time

by songbook99 @ 05/22/08 13:11  
This is to let you all know that the queue wait time is now back to normal. Therefore, everything should be looked at by a moderator within 7 to 10 days of reaching our queue.

Happy Submitting! :)
Trivia Camlee written on 05/22/08 14:14

Wonderful! I was wondering how my chapter was looked at so fast...

Thanks to all the Mods who have been working hard to get it back to normal :)

InvisibleAparecium written on 05/22/08 14:28

I just got my rejection email three days after I submitted. Haha, at least it didn't take three weeks this time! Thanks so much, moddies, for all your effort! We're all thrilled!

Kcharles written on 05/22/08 16:52

Yay! Good job mods, and keep up the good work! I guess the new mods really are helping!

Lady Knightly written on 05/22/08 18:05

Thank you mods! You guys are awesome :D

cjbaggins written on 05/22/08 18:06

That's great news! Thanks guys. cj

The Scribbler written on 05/22/08 20:30

Whoo hoo! Thanks! You guys have really worked hard for this site. I just want you to know that you're appreciated.

HogwartsGirly124 written on 05/22/08 21:44

Thank you so much mods! You are very appreciated and your work does not go unnoticed.

HPKING92 written on 05/23/08 17:48

thank you to all the mods for all you have done since the infamous hacker attack. you have taken the opportunity to make this site a better place for myself and all the other fanfic writers here. bringing the moderating time back to normal is just another way in which you have made it a bit easier for all of us. well done.

beauxk written on 05/23/08 18:13

Wow, you guys are fast!
My chapter got accepted the same night.
But I guess that won't happen again :(
anyway, thank you so much for accepting my weird dramatic monologue.
This site is amazing, keep it up xxx

Leahr written on 05/25/08 21:40

I submitted a chapter some time ago- it seems to have disappeared from the queue. I emailed a mod but got no answer. Should I try again? I guess I will.

Roxy Black written on 05/26/08 13:11

Leahr, if your story disappeared it has been rejected for some reason. If you didn't receive an email (check your junk folder) you should go to the Beta Forums and post in the "I didn't receive a rejection letter" thread. If you do resubmit, check over your fiction. It'll have been rejected for a reason so try to spot it yourself first.

RowenaHeart written on 05/26/08 13:39

My email is dead so I can't get any rejection emails or notes of how to improve. What should I do?

dawndishsoap written on 05/27/08 16:30

how can you get rejected from this website

Harry4Ginny written on 05/27/08 17:12

Thanks for doing this guys, it's really appreciated.
One question - I submitted a chapter but when it's previewed it only comes up with the first 200 words or so. Then, when I deleted and re-submitted it less than five minutes later it's come up completely blank. Any reason for this?

Roxy Black written on 05/27/08 19:00

RowenaHeart - Get a new email address and edit your profile.

dawndishsoap - By not following our submission guidelines and having errors in your fictions.

Harry4Ginny - I'm not too sure. Try once more and if it doesn't work, leave it in the queue and contact a moderator.

Hutchinson written on 05/28/08 10:10

I want to commend the Mods for working so fast and so diligently! Also, I really appreciate the Moderators who have left me tips, helpful criticism, or encouraging notes in their e-mails! Much love to all of you.

harry_victoria written on 05/28/08 15:56

Thank so so much, mods! You guys are amazing, and you work so hard on this website. We love you guys !

Just a quick question-- by looking at an unvalidated chapter, will the queue time be reset back to 7-10 days?

MC Kair written on 05/28/08 16:58


myownmuggle written on 05/28/08 20:18

harry_victoria: That was the point of songbook99's announcement.

As a reminder, please review our Submission Rules before pressing that shiny button. Our rules and our standards have not changed.

Schmerg_The_Impaler written on 06/01/08 18:14

So does that mean that if our story's been in queue eleven days, it's time to go contactin' some people?