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New Mods!

by Anasuya @ 05/14/08 7:54  
Thank you all for the applications. You did not make our decision easy (considering how long it took) but we finally made one. Meet your new MNFF moderators:

Fresca (Colores)
KC (sayiansirius)
Kristin (coppercurls)
Laura (Insecurity/TyrannoLaurus)
Nicole (NikkiSue)
Tash (Pondering)

Good luck to you all!
Sainyn Swiftfoot written on 05/14/08 7:57

Wow, congratulations, Fresca, KC, Kristin, Laura, Nicole and Tash!

Who will be modding which cats?


myownmuggle written on 05/14/08 9:44

As stated in the initial hiring announcement, all new moderators are assigned as sweepers.

bittersweet_lullaby written on 05/14/08 10:31

Congratulations! :D :D I'm sure you'll all be fantastic mods! -squishes-

harry_victoria written on 05/14/08 11:38

Wheee! Congrats, guys! I'm sure you'll make wonderful moddies. -hands cookies & coffee-

Faile written on 05/14/08 12:26

I don't know all of you guys, but congrats! *hugs Fresca, Nicole, and Tash specifically because she does know them* Ya~y! ^_^

harry4lif written on 05/14/08 12:35

Congraduations!!!! I personally know Tash *squishes friend!* I also have the pleasure of attenting classes that Fresca and Kristin. Congrats!!!!

moonstonesilver written on 05/14/08 12:45

Congratulations fellow Gryffindor KC! Congratu-atu-atu-lations dear Fresca :D
Congratulaions everyone!
Hope you have the greatest time ever being modly mods :)

*passes Butterbeer*


Munno the Lamoe.

potterfan226 written on 05/14/08 13:08

-squee!- Aww Tash, CONGRATULATIONS!!! You'll make an awesome mod! And congrats to everyone else!

dumbledorefluertwins written on 05/14/08 13:11

WHOOOOO! Fantastic selection, I must say! :D

crazy_purple_hp_freak written on 05/14/08 13:30

Fresca, Tash, Laura and KC, I am so IMMENSELY proud of you guys. You have worked so hard on this site and you're just incredible and awesome and I love you all lots CONGRATULATIONS!!

-tacklehugs Nicole- well done hon, yaaaays for another Slyth on the team! :D
-congrats Kristen- you're pretty awesome too hon ^___^

you guys will kick some serious modly ass i'll bet. xD


Schmerg_The_Impaler written on 05/14/08 13:43

Whoa, congrats, guys! I was convinced that y'all were already mods... you're all such respected authors... But I guess I was wrong, then. Anyone know what categories they're modding?

witch6 written on 05/14/08 13:48


You guys totally deserve it! I mean if I was ever given the responsibility to choose the mods (yeah, right! ), I'd definitely choose you all. I hope you have a good time modding for this site and reading our stories (don't be too harsh with me please :p ), and enjoying Harry Potter because after all that is what we all are here for! *huggles*


myownmuggle written on 05/14/08 14:33


As stated in the initial hiring announcement, all new moderators are assigned as sweepers. Posted by myownmuggle on 05/14/08 9:44

Trivia Camlee written on 05/14/08 15:20

Congratulations to the six of you! I'm sure you all will make wonderful mods! Good luck :)

PadfootnPeeves written on 05/14/08 15:44

Congrats, all! You deserve it :)

Lady Alanna written on 05/14/08 17:58

Congratulations everyone! I don't think I know any of you... but I'm sure that you'll do an amazing job!!! :D

HermionesTwin_FromOz written on 05/14/08 18:11

Congrats to all! I'm especially happy for Tash, my wonderful friend and fellow 'Claw! :D I'm sure all of you will be a wonderful asset to this site! :)
Love and congratulations to you all,
Caitlin xxoxx

clumsywerewolf2438 written on 05/14/08 19:07

Good job, all of you! Especially Nikki, who is the wonderful Slyth mom.


Nevilles Girl written on 05/14/08 19:13

Yay! Congrats!



Indigoenigma written on 05/14/08 19:28

Good job, everyone!