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Your MNFF - The Results

by Roxy Black @ 04/25/08 16:42  
So... the time is finally here!

Thank you everyone for your votes, we had almost 200 votes and we have found our final five designs!

Firstly, congratulations to everyone that took part in this competition. All of the designs were brilliant and it was really hard to pick these winners. We'll be keeping as many designs as possible on file incase we want to come back to them in the future.

So, I know you're all dying to find out who the winners are and what the skins look like. The reason for the delay in announcing these results is that... we were coding them. When you read this message, you will be able to go to the archives and choose one of our fantastic five!

And so, without further ado, our winners are...

A Thousand Years - crazy_purple_hp_freak
Guidance - Eowyn89
Lumos - striped_candycane
Mischief Managed - Hatusu
Forever Three - Sentinelity

Congratulations all of you! I hope you are happy with how your skins have turned out, I definately am.

If you find any problems with any of the skins, please contact me over on the beta forums.

Thank you very much and enjoy your new skins!
~ Roxy
Lady Alanna written on 04/25/08 16:51

The new skins are amazing! Great job everyone!!! :D

HellFromPeeves written on 04/25/08 16:52

AWESOME! How could I not use the Mischief Managed design? ;D

BertieBotsBeans741 written on 04/25/08 16:54

The skins are awesome! Great job everyone.

thechocolatefrog written on 04/25/08 17:06

I love them all, they were all my votes! Great job guys, I love our new skins.

Kcharles written on 04/25/08 17:20

OHHH! I love them! I'm already using one. Good job guys, and thank you for coding them mods!

HagridsTheMan written on 04/25/08 17:27

Nice job guys!! But how come we can't use Elegance or the Zen ones anymore?

Roxy Black written on 04/25/08 17:33

The Elegance and Zen skins were part of the update and didn't relate to MNFF. They were temporary skins until the competition was completed.

moonstonesilver written on 04/25/08 17:35

Yes yes yes! Lumos got in! This my skin now! :D

written on 04/25/08 17:45

Yay! I love them all, really, but my two favorites are Guidance and Mischeif Managed. I couldn't decide between the two. lol. :D Good picks, mods, and congrats to you amazing makerse! All of yopu are brilliant! :D xox nikki

Euphrates written on 04/25/08 17:45

Oh my Godric, these skins are amazing. Major kudos to all.

Trivia Camlee written on 04/25/08 18:09

Congrats to the winners; your skins are amazing! I can't wait to use them!

jenny b written on 04/25/08 18:13

They're all amazing skins, even if my favourites weren't chosen. :] I can hardly imagine how great it would be to have your design up on a worldwide site. Well done! ~Jen

Gin_PotterGirl written on 04/25/08 20:46


I'm using Suzie's. YAY!

Congrats to all!

~Michelle :)

HermionesTwin_FromOz written on 04/25/08 22:51

Well done guys! These are all amazing skins -- I can't decide which one will be my default! Congrats to all, I agree with Jen -- it would be amazing to have your skinup on here.
Lotsa love,
Caitlin xoxo

cjbaggins written on 04/25/08 22:52

They look wonderful. Congratulations winners! I think my favourite is "Guidance". cj

witch6 written on 04/26/08 4:06

Wow! The skins are looking so cool! Congratulations to all the winners! *has changed her skin already*


Sainyn Swiftfoot written on 04/26/08 9:08

Awesome skins! My hearty congratulations to everyone whose skins were chosen! I'm using Guidance right now...


shewolf2000 written on 04/26/08 9:57

Congrats to all the winners! The new shins are awesome; I love them all! But I want to give special congrats to Eowyn89, yours is my new favorite! Great job everyone!

lilyevans91 written on 04/26/08 11:49

ohmigawd, great job everyone who designed these! i can't even imagine trying to come up with a design like that, they're all crazy good! and thanks to the mods for coding them, too--i'm already using guidance, though 1000 years is pretty awesome, too!

crazy_purple_hp_freak written on 04/26/08 12:47


i'm having the worst weekend ever recovering from flu, and this totally makes my day! :D

All of these skins are lovely! -fangirl's Kelly's- :p