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Queue Wait Time

by songbook99 @ 04/18/08 10:35  
Due to a variety of circumstances, the time submissions are in the queue awaiting moderation has gone up. We, the moderators, realize that many of you have become dissatisified with the amount of time it is taking for your submissions to be moderated, especially in the larger categories.

The moderators are doing what we can to bring the wait time back to the normal seven to ten days. To do so, we are asking that you not contact a moderator until your submission has been in the queue at least twenty-one days. After your submission has been in the queue at least three weeks please contact the moderator in charge of the category to which you submitted your story/chapter. For the general categories modded by everyone, please contact the staff email.

Here is a list of which moderators work in which categories:
General ~ Everyone
Historical ~ MithrilQuill
Mystery ~ Andrea (Ravensgryff)
Poetry ~ Jan (Magical Maeve)
Post-Hogwarts ~ Beth/Brosna (Marauder by Midnight/mooncalf)
MWPP ~ Vindictus Viridian/Elysa (PhysicalGraffiti)
Humor ~ Everyone
Dark/Angsty ~ Everyone
Ron/Hermione ~ Roxy/Josh (Roxy Black/x2pttrclue32)
Harry/Ginny ~ Danielle (bogus)
Ron/Hermione and Harry/Ginny ~ Roxy/Josh (Roxy Black/x2pttrclue32)
Other Pairing ~ Julie (myownmuggle)
Harry/Hermione ~ Elysa/Rachel (PhysicalGraffiti/lily_evans34)
Hermione/Draco ~ Anasuya/Karin (Potterphile12/songbook99)
Hermione/Snape ~ Kim (Phoenix5225)
Various Pairings ~ Julie (myownmuggle)
Ron/OC ~ MithrilQuill
Harry/OC ~ Abby (Eponine)
Draco/OC ~ Elle (Sly Severus)
Hermione/OC ~ Elle(Sly Severus)
James/Lily ~ Anasuya/Rachel (Potterphile12/lily_evans34)
Draco/Ginny ~ Rachel (lily_evans34)
Remus/Tonks ~ Danielle/Karin (bogus/songbook99)
Same Sex Pairings (all cats) ~ Andrea (Ravensgryff)
Alternate Universe ~ Beth (Marauder by Midnight)

Reducing the amount of emails and PMs the moderators receive will hopefully allow us to spend more time in the queue moderating your stories instead of answering your emails.

We appreciate your patience with the moderating process. Without all of you, we wouldn't have a site to maintain.
NikkiSue written on 04/18/08 12:22

You guys are so awesome . . . Thanks for the heads up! I'll PM you some of Honeyduke's best chocolate varieties as soon as my owl returns. :-)


harry_victoria written on 04/18/08 14:09

*brings mods coffee and scones* Ah, we understand. At least, I do. Because of the upgrade, you guys are especially busy. You guys are amazing-- keep up the great work, mods! :)

witch6 written on 04/18/08 14:30

I have a request- can you please put the your usernames along with your names? It is sometimes confusing who you are referring to if you only give your names! Thank you! Oh, and really we totally understand about the extended queue time and are more that willing to cooperate! :)

Wicked_Quill written on 04/18/08 16:14

thanks so much for being so great! I do have a question though. My story was up for over three weeks and then it vanished from my profile. I didn't get an email saying it was denied or anything like that and it has happened once before with a different story. so I was just wondering what that meant. keep up the good work!

Roxy Black written on 04/18/08 16:34

Wicked_Quill - sometimes we have a problem where our rejection letters do not make it through, often because of a spam filter in your email system. We have a thread in the Beta Forums "Questions" forum where you can post to try and find out what was in the letter. In the meantime, look over your fiction and try to spot any errors you might've made and consider hiring a beta to help you out.

songbook99 written on 04/18/08 17:55

As requested, usernames have been added next to the names of the moderators.

lullaby BANG written on 04/18/08 18:46

Thanks mods. :D You guys are doing a great job; I'm actually really relieved you just posted this since my fiction has been in the queue for fifteen days, and I didn't want to bother the mods so this memo ironically came at a really good time.

Keep it up mods.(:

annie written on 04/18/08 21:13

Thank for all your hard work, mods :)

I have a question that's unrelated to the queue issue. I've been having trouble editing my bio ever since we switched to the new system. Whenever I try to edit it, I get a message that says "501 Method Not Implemented" and then "POST to /user.php not supported."

Sorry if this question isn't appropriate here. I wasn't sure who I should contact about it.

Wicked_Quill written on 04/18/08 23:01

thanks! I'll check

harry_victoria written on 04/19/08 11:22

annie, the only way you can edit your bio is if you take out all of the pictures/banners. Beth/Marauder by Midnight has addressed this in the beta forums, and she needs to contact somebody before she gets that "glitch" fixed. :)

Marauder by Midnight written on 04/19/08 13:08

annie - If you can't get the images deleted yourself, post here.

Malfoy_Star92 written on 04/21/08 6:25

Oh okay , I was wondering about this. I submitted mine only two weeks ago so I will wait another week before I say anything. You guys are great, and I know you are going as fast as you can. You have had a ton of stuff on your plates recently. Keep up the good work. :)

Ginny Weasley 26 written on 04/21/08 13:21

Cool more organised is the way I like it. Fantasic, so what if i have to wait 20 more days... urghh

Krue written on 04/21/08 18:32

LOL you moderators work so Hard. Good job!

clumsywerewolf2438 written on 04/21/08 18:41

I hope getting new mods will help lower your stress/work load. I'm going to wait 'till then to submit my next fic. *huggles mods and gives them cookies*

lilys fairy written on 04/23/08 17:49

Great job mods!

island_babe written on 04/24/08 7:39

Will you tell us when the moderating will be back to the normal time?

Kcharles written on 05/02/08 11:45

Keep up the great work mods, none of us care if it takes longer to mod the stories as long as you do a good job!

Winnyy written on 05/03/08 7:50

You moddies rule!=]


Winny x

songbook99 written on 05/05/08 2:06

island_babe, we will let you know once we have gotten the queue back under control and the wait time back to normal.

I just wanted to thank all of you who have posted with your encouragement and appreciation for the moderators. Your patience and appreciation means a lot to us.