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Hiring Closed

by Anasuya @ 04/17/08 7:49  
Applications for mod hiring are now closed. No more submissions will be accepted. However, if you do have a last minute recommendation to send in, you have until tomorrow night.

Keep watching this space for updates on our progress as we deliberate over the apps.

Good luck to all who applied!
Angela_Prongs written on 04/17/08 9:47

GOOD LUCK, EVERYONE!!!! /my little contribution. =D I'm sure that whoever is chosen will be the best for the job. (Jobs?) *hugs applicants*

dumbledorefluertwins written on 04/17/08 11:07

Good luck guys, and good luck to the current mods in making their decisions!


harry_victoria written on 04/17/08 11:42

Good luck to everyone trying out! I can't wait to see who makes the new mods. *coughMICHELLEcough*

Amanda Vega written on 04/17/08 17:31

Good luck to all applicants! Have fun choosing, current mods [:

R_Ravenclaw written on 04/17/08 17:36

Good luck to everyone! I'm sure there's some amazing entrants out there. Don't stress yourselves out too much waiting for the decision, applicants!

Hansolohpfrk written on 04/17/08 19:10

Good luck guys! *huggles all*

I don't envy the mods at all for having to choose between some awesome applicants.

HermionesTwin_FromOz written on 04/17/08 19:43

Good luck everyone! Poor (current) mods, they've got a big job cut out for them now! *huggles mods* All the very best to everyone applying! *huggles applicants*
Lotsa love,
Caitlin xoxo

dulcet_tones written on 04/29/08 0:08

It's barely been a week and a half and I'm already ringing my hands wondering who to congratulate! :p *sighs* But, you modlies are doing a wonderful job and I guess I'll just have to wait patiently.

*sets out plate of cauldron cakes and butterbeer for the modlies*

~Stacy~ the impatient :p