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Well, I hope you all enjoyed our April Fool's Joke. I see that some did more than others. But today, it's back to business on MNFF. As you can see, we have a rather nice new site and with a new site comes the need for some new mods. Yes, we are hiring again.

We will be accepting applications starting today and ending on April 16th. Now before I get into the substantive stuff, I would like to give you all a warning: I know that everyone gets excited when it comes time to hire, but you should know that this is a very time-consuming position and there is a good deal of stress involved. In short, it is not for everyone. That being said, if you feel that you're up to the task, then we look forward to your applications.

Right, so what do you need to become a MNFF moderator? Well, there are two things that we require of every mod. You must have AIM and you must have a Livejournal. You need AIM because this is where we hold our staff meetings. If you don't want to download the software, you can use free services such as AIM Express or Meebo, but you must sign up for an AIM screenname. Also, you need a Livejournal because this is how we communicate if the forums go down. You do not need to use the account, you just need to have it and check it on occasion. These are the two things that we require, no exceptions.

Furthermore, you must be comfortable reading a variety of fics, including those with various ratings and various pairings. Obviously, you will not be forced to read anything that makes you uncomfortable, but sometimes situations arise and you may have to read a pairing that you don't like.

Please fill out the following form when applying:

How long have you been part of MNFF? Stories on MNFF:
Qualifications (Beta work, PI accreditation, RL qualifications):
Possible Problems (Anything you see that may hinder your ability to mod. Please be honest):
Categories/Pairings that you would be willing to mod:
Categories/Pairings that you would be unwilling to mod:
Why you want to mod:

In addition, you'll also be required to include three recommendations from other site members. Remember that the best recommendations are ones that are objective and highlight both strengths and weaknesses. Many members are willing to give constructive recommendations, including some moderators. However, due to the increased workload with the new site, we are capping the amount of recommendations that each mod can write, so as not to give them increased stress. Each mod will only be able to write two recs, so if they decline when you ask them, please don't take it personally. Please respect the decisions of all members when asking for recommendations.

Please read the following very carefully: Do NOT send your applications to the staff email. All applications should be sent to Also, recommendations should be sent directly to me, NOT through the applicant.

If you are submitting an application, please include this in your subject line: 'Moderator Application for (your username).'

If you are submitting a recommendation for someone, please include this in your subject line: 'Moderator Recommendation for (applicant's username) from (your username).'

I'm going to be getting a lot of emails, and this will help me keep track of them.

Also, if you are sending me more than one recommendation, you may send them in one email. Just make sure to specify that there is more than one.

I think that's everything, but if you have any questions, feel free to comment here or email me.

Good luck!
Posted by Anasuya on 04/02/08 10:15 (53 Comments)

How much work would be involved? Like how many meetings, and how many stories would we be expected to mod in a week?
Also, how long should you have been part of the site for to be eligable as a viable candidate? What sort of date are you looking for?

- Siriusly Mr Black on 04/02/08 10:49
Meetings usually happen every month or so. You would be required to mod around 10 stories a week, but there are other duties involved as well. It doesn't matter how long you've been part of the site; it's just background information for us. Unless you joined yesterday, the date really isn't that important.
- Potterphile12 on 04/02/08 10:55
How old must you be?
- hermione7654 on 04/02/08 13:03
hermione7654, if you are old enough to register on the site, which means you are at least 13 years of age, you can apply to be a moderator.
- songbook99 on 04/02/08 13:08
Will you be looking for sweepers any time soon? I quite like the idea of being a mod but I'm a little unsure...

- dumbledorefluertwins on 04/02/08 13:32
Evie, all moderators start out as sweepers.
- songbook99 on 04/02/08 14:05
You say you hold meetings via AIM? What sort of times are these meetings? I realise that because of time zones, it is likely that it will be awkward for some people, no doubt those in the minority? I am English, and I'm first trying to see if I could actually moderate and cope before I apply - I wouldn't want to clog up Anasuya's email inbox if I couldn't do it!! :o

- dumbledorefluertwins on 04/02/08 14:30
Good luck to all those who apply!!
- InvisibleAparecium on 04/02/08 15:22
Evie: We don't have set times for the meetings. Some of our mods are in the US and some are in England, so we do our best to take the time differences into account. Keep in mind though, that being a mod is a big commitment. It involves a lot of work.
- myownmuggle on 04/02/08 15:45
Yes, that's why I'm asking all these questions! Thank you for answering them!

No doubt I'll come back again later... >.<

- dumbledorefluertwins on 04/02/08 15:57
Okay, I accidentally sent my application twice, but with different subjects, am I just going to be rejected automatically? *is really spacey from lack of sleep*
- clumsywerewolf2438 on 04/02/08 16:27
clumsywerewolf2438, you shouldn't worry about being rejected automatically because you accidentally sent your application twice.
- songbook99 on 04/02/08 16:59
You say that mods are required to mod, on average, 10 stories a week - how long, on average, does it take to moderate a story? What other duties are required of a mod?

- dumbledorefluertwins on 04/02/08 17:49
Evie, it depends on the story. The (rare) fantastically written ones take significantly less time to read. Taking either physical or mental notes on stories that don't meet standards and then writing up a quality rejection letter take more time.

After probation, there are some forum duties that range from just keeping a general eye out on things, or if there's an opening, committing the time to be the mod mommy of a sub-forum.

You also need to have a thick skin. There will always be mod bashers and people who complain about you. Some people can be not very nice, and you have to be professional enough to step back and not let it bother you.
- Phoenix5225 on 04/02/08 18:06
Hmmm, I would say I have a thick skin... people I can't actually see can't hurt me. I'll have to think about it - it's a big thing and all that, and I don't want to rush into anything. Hmmm... I'll come back later...

- dumbledorefluertwins on 04/02/08 18:17
roughly how many stories should we have on mnff?

Does it matter that it took quite a while for my story to be validated?
- Siriusly Mr Black on 04/03/08 2:12
If we have to have AIM, would msn/yahoo IM do the same thing? I know that if I'm on msn I can talk to people with yahoo, and if I'm on yahoo I can talk to people with msn and different IM services, but does AIM not have thta feature?

- dumbledorefluertwins on 04/03/08 4:54
Siriusly Mr Black - It doesn't matter how many stories you should have validated by the time you apply. However, we do look at the quality of your submissions and the reliability of your writing whether they've been rejected or validated.

Evie - To the extent of my knowledge, AIM does not have that feature.

- Marauder by Midnight on 04/03/08 7:03
Do we have to have a story on the site and validated or can it be in the queue? I think mines been deleted at some point dueto updates. If I decided to apply could I just send part of my story in the email?
- lostinside1 on 04/03/08 12:01
ok big question. what sort of stuff needs to be said in a recommendation?
- lostinside1 on 04/03/08 13:33
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