April Fool's!
Well, it is time for the moderators to own up to our little prank. The Updated Submissions Policy was a hoax. Yes, that's a right, just a lovely little prank pulled by the moderators to help celebrate the birthday of those beloved twins, Fred and George Weasley.

We hope all of you enjoyed it, though it appears to have distressed a few.

Just to make everything crystal clear, though, MNFF is not charging the users a fee for anything. This site has always been, and remains, a free site. Enjoy!

Edit: While the charges were a joke, there were some things that came out in the comments that should be taken seriously.

First off, this joke grew out of how many submissions we receive where it is blatantly obvious the people did not read the submission rules. The lesson there is: Always read the Submission Rules before submitting.

Secondly, along with the idea of reading the rules, it is always recommended that anyone planning to submit have a beta reader look over their submission before adding it to the queue. Even if you are fabulous with writing, chances are that you have a few typos sprinkled throughout your story/chapter that you will not catch because your mind will skip right over them. Please, please have someone look over your submission before you send it in.

Finally, rudeness on the site will not be tolerated. Not between members and not directed at moderators. We are all here to have a good time.
Posted by songbook99 on 04/02/08 1:14 (39 Comments)

uh, obviously..:)

good joke guys, but u didnt fool me!! those who were, keep a look out next year, ok? LONG LIVE MNFF!!

Lucia_Swanne :D
- Lucia_Swanne on 04/02/08 1:30
KNEW IT! If you read my post in the hoax's comments, you see that I pointed out that: 'You can buy a URL for ten years for a grand total of only $80'. Anyway, well played though, I was waiting for you to update with this news.
- PotterParadox on 04/02/08 1:31
i knew it!
- harrietamidala on 04/02/08 1:52
Phew!!!!! I didn't post a comment before because I admit I was a teensy bit worried - but good joke guys - and I hope everyone who got a bit "distressed " (understatement!) feel relieved!!!
- leighpotter on 04/02/08 1:53
Whew! Thank, Godric! Like I said, I'm pretty gullible and was holding my breathe until you guys posted a new announcement saying it was a hoax. >.< Good one, modlies!

I bow down to the ultimate hoax masters of MNFF! :-p

~Stacy~ *still naive*
- dulcet_tones on 04/02/08 1:56
Since the Owl-Os ad is still up, is it staying...? I've actually grown rather fond of it over the last twenty four hours. ;o)

- h_vic on 04/02/08 3:34
Hee. Yes, I think it took me about one heart-stopping second to realise the date. You see, it actually was April 1st here! I received some frantic PMs from a VERY distressed newbie, though! Poor little Sprout... I wonder how many people MNFF has lost to this hoax? Not too many, I hope... Anyway, those that have quite probably weren't worth keeping if their hope in our beauteous site was swayed so easily.

Looking forward to next year's prank!

Much love,
- Phia Phoenix on 04/02/08 4:50
Ok, I'm never ever believing a word you guys say on the 1st of April from now. NEVER!


*is totally relieved*
- witch6 on 04/02/08 5:18
Am I glad or what?? I did read some comments and then felt a little better. It had really driven me crazy!!!

Good one though, Fred and George would have been proud!!!
- poshini on 04/02/08 5:37
Nice try, guys! I'll admit, you had me a leetel worried, even though I was 99.9% sure it was a prank. You pulled it off very well, though.
- jenny b on 04/02/08 5:40
Phew! I fell for it for the first hour, and then Kristy reminded me of the day and time.

/Gullible Claire
- bertiebott12 on 04/02/08 6:04
Yea but what about my Owl-os. When will they come so I can start having a healthy wizarding breakfast. haha
- tear_away on 04/02/08 6:20
Knew it! I was telling everyone from the start!! I actualy came on in the morning just to see what prank you'd pulled! :p

Good one though - it was really funny watching all the frantic and angry rants!

- dumbledorefluertwins on 04/02/08 8:05
Yeah, I figured it was a hoax. The charges most likely wouldn't have effected me anyway, my grammar's so bad that my stories won't even be accepted. I'm still upset, though. My Owl-O's order wouldn't go through! I need new breakfast opions, you know. You don't want starving fanfic writers. ;) I still like last years joke better!
PS: Love the new skin.
- GinnyPotter808 on 04/02/08 8:39
I'm so gullible! I didn't come here to complain, but I did go to Perfect Imagination to try and find a beta for my upcoming submission because I couldn't afford the new fees!!
I haven't heard back yet, but I hope she'll do it anyway. It's always a good idea to have a beta reader. :)
- ClayPotter on 04/02/08 8:58
I was wondering whether to believe it or not. (Feels idiotic and naive.) But in any case you mods are like the best prank players. The way you wrote your replies to our comments were oh-so-serious in the beginning. They were the reason why I almost fell for the whole joke! :D

I'd love to get Owl-O's, but it's a little too pricey for me, and I live all the way in Asia, so I have no clue how it's going to be delivered...

PS. Happy belated birthday Fred and George!
- x_lily_evans_x on 04/02/08 9:30
Do I still get my cereal? >.<
- butter_beer_drinker on 04/02/08 9:39
Some people on hpff actually got banned because they were so angry about the prank over there!! :O

It's nice to know we have such a lovely community over here. ;)

- dumbledorefluertwins on 04/02/08 9:55
YES!!! It was just a joke!!
- justin ferguson on 04/02/08 10:22

I, for one, would like to issue a public statement that I was aware that this was an excellent prank, in true Weasley Tradition, and, as such, was merely trying to promote the joke in my comments.

Thank you.
- on 04/02/08 10:44
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