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Guidelines For Submissions

by Vindictus Viridian @ 03/24/08 10:01  
We have now passed 300 fanfic chapters waiting in the queue -- do please be patient with our modding speed.

Also, we have changed none of the submission guidelines. Stories need to have ONE category heading only, and absolutely must be carefully proofread to conform to standard English -- preferably British English. Literary experiments with form or style must be clear. Your title should look like a title; your summary should summarize and be as well-proofed as your fic. Certain topics, body parts, and activities are still not permissible: bestiality (including Animagus/animal), incest, and so on, for instance, will not be posted here. You may have two chapters in queue only if they are of two different fanfics in two different categories, but definitely no more than that, or of a single story. The only exception, ever, is if you have made special arrangements with your category moderator -- such as if your whole fic was accidentally deleted instead of a single chapter.

We would genuinely LOVE to have a 100% validation rate at this site because we had 100% high quality submissions, but, sadly, that hasn't happened yet. We're getting closer all the time, though! Thank you to all of you, writers and betas together!
Sunny_Rainbow written on 03/24/08 10:06

Awesome modding speed!!!!!!!
Haha I'm the first to comment!!! tehe!
Your doing awesome guys!!!!!!!!!
thanx for everything!

Sainyn Swiftfoot written on 03/24/08 11:29

Don't worry, we've no probs with waiting!

I have a question. Before it used to be that we had to wait for eight days with our chapter in queue before we asked a mod to look into it. Now around how many days will we have to wait?

songbook99 written on 03/24/08 11:30

Sainyn Swiftfoot, given that we are still getting used to the new system and trying to iron out the kinks, please give us at least 14 days before contacting a moderator about your story in queue.

pheonix_song_719 written on 03/24/08 12:33

We love you mods! and Admins!

tomslovevishu written on 03/24/08 13:26

i'll be patient... u guys hv done a gr8 job.... n i knw u'll continue doin it... cheerzz...

pike007 written on 03/24/08 13:53

dont worry about the wait. we'll cope.           are you still deleting unfinished stories that havent been touched for 6 months?

songbook99 written on 03/24/08 14:28

pike007, the archive purging has been completed.

Andromeda_Tonks written on 03/24/08 15:13

We don't mind waiting, I think you're doing great!!! *gives mods easter egg chocolate*

dumbledorefluertwins written on 03/24/08 15:13

Ahh, things are getting back to normal. :) You mods are wonderful, I don't know how you do it.


Vindictus Viridian written on 03/24/08 15:47

Oh, yes, I forgot to mention -- nasty words not hidden behind a rating will also get deleted in jig time. That does include your screen name, if you're thinking about creating an account. *puts on McGonagall glare*

LUV2READ written on 03/24/08 16:42

Just out of curiousity, does anyone know what the validation rate is yet? You said we were close to 100% but not there yet - how close? Just curious.

Great job, mods - take your time.

MJ_Padfoot written on 03/24/08 17:09

Thanks for letting us all know! Ya'll rock! ~MJ

Marauder by Midnight written on 03/25/08 0:14

Just a note to everyone that the FAQ, where all of what Vindictus Viridian said and more is stored, is still available and partially newly revised to reflect some of our new functions.

LUV2READ - The answer was posted earlier on the comment section of this very same post. Please read previous comments before asking a question.

babyfaycetm written on 03/25/08 7:09

I have a question. If you submit a story and are waiting for it to get validated, how do you know if it got approved or not? And why wouldn't of it of been validated?

Evilevergreen written on 03/25/08 12:04

My whole account was deleted. I had nine completed stories.

I only have two chapters, from two different stories in queue right now, but I was wondering if it would be alright to start putting other chapters up.

songbook99 written on 03/25/08 15:07

babyfaycetm, you should receive an email when your submission is either approved or rejected. There are a variety of reasons for rejection. They range from underdeveloped plot to simple grammar errors and everything in betweeen.

Evilevergreen, you will need to contact the moderators in charge of the categories you are submitting to. If you do not check with them, your additional submissions are likely to be removed from the queue.

hp_love14 written on 03/25/08 16:50

I just started to try and post my first fan fiction on here, but i don't know how long it will take to find out if it was rejected or approved.

Marauder by Midnight written on 03/26/08 1:12

hp_love14 - The FAQ (link posted in my last comment) would be a good place to start.

La_Rubinita written on 03/26/08 14:11

I think the mods here at Mugglenet are simply the best. I post and read all over the HP fandom, but the quality is certainly at its highest here. Keep up the amazing work. I think we can all be patient a while longer :D

Grimmrook written on 03/26/08 21:00

This is going to seem like a silly and self-serving request, but please, bear with me.

I added the chapter to my latest story, and I've been waiting for an email and/or been monitoring the most recent updates to see when the chapter cleared through the queue, and so far nothing.

Not a big deal, mind you, I completely and totally understand given how full the queue is and all that. The only thing that has me kind of curious is the fact that someone left a review today that makes me think the new chapter is up, but it's not on the most recent list and I haven't gotten an email.

I would check it myself, but since I'm the author, I haven't seen where I can see if the chapter has been validated anywhere, and I can't log out and check it that way because of the rating.

So I would appreciate if someone tried to see if Chapter 18: The Eve Of War is up for Epilogues Part III for me, or at the least, tell me how, as an author, I can check to see if the individual chapter is updated.

Thanks. Sorry if I'm a hassle.