MuggleNet Fan Fiction Updated
After a hellish weekend (which included Monday and Tuesday), MNFF has finally upgraded the system.

Some information may have been lost. If so, we apologise for the inconvenience but would like you to re-input the information yourself.

Here are some new features that are available:

+ Co-authors
+ Read count
+ Table of contents
+ Story notes and end-of-chapter notes
+ Member-chosen default story sort
+ "New!" next to recently updated stories

There are also some features that have been revamped:

+ Must preview story/chapter before submitting
+ New table of contents
+ More specific Rejection/Acceptance letters (now it includes which story/chapter is being rejected/validated)
+ "Manage Reviews" is now combined with "Manage Stories" (click on 'Manage Stories' to see your reviews)
+ Annoying tags should be gone
+ Add link to your Livejournal account in bio

While the storm is over, there are still chances of light and heavy showers all over the site. We'd tried very hard to solve these errors before opening this new site, there are some we have missed. Please report any that you encounter in this forum so that the coders may address it as soon as possible. Please read the first post carefully.

That forum is also the place to ask questions about how to use some functions.

Any questions about how to use the new site and any reports of glitches in the comments below will be ignored. This is our method of consolidating everything in a neat place where everyone knows what's going on.

Posted by Marauder by Midnight on 03/18/08 18:32 (66 Comments)

You guys are great. This site looks fantastic. The wait was worth it.
- deej on 03/18/08 19:33
You guys did a great job! *gives mods standing ovation and chocolate*
- clumsywerewolf2438 on 03/18/08 19:42
The site is amazing. I can't wait to explore the new features. I'm so glad it's back! Thanks for all your hard work, lovely modlies.
- saveginny417 on 03/18/08 19:51
Good stuff Mods. Congrats on the new site.
- tear_away on 03/18/08 19:54
Welcome back! You were greatly missed. Wonderful job.
- DaniDM on 03/18/08 19:55
WELL DONE! The new site looks amazing.
- dreamgirl65 on 03/18/08 19:58
Lovely job, Mods! You guys are fantastic! :]
- on 03/18/08 20:11
Great job mods! It was awful, but you did it! You guys are amazing.
- BertieBotsBeans741 on 03/18/08 20:23
Wow! Splendid job, and thank you so much! Though I must admit, I'm still using my ol' dragon layout! Maybe if I suck up even more, I'll get my fics approved fast! (Awww, I jest. I don't use sucking up to get fics approved faster... I use blackmail!)
- Schmerg_The_Impaler on 03/18/08 20:33

I still can't edit my bio. I know it's already been addressed in the Forums, so I didn't want to create another thread, but the old one's locked, and I re-read the solution a dozen times, but it won't work for me. Sorry if I'm just being a nuisance, and once again, I'd like to say that you guys did a fabulous job fixing everything!


- clumsywerewolf2438 on 03/18/08 20:39
Schmerg_The_Impaler and clumsywerewolf2438 - You both need to read the stickied post carefully.
- Marauder by Midnight on 03/18/08 21:04
To reiterate what Marauder by Midnight said, please visit the linked forum noted in the main part of this post and follow the instructions for reporting glitches very carefully.

Repeat comments regarding glitches will be deleted in order to keep this thread clear.

- myownmuggle on 03/18/08 21:08
Thanks mods! great job
- Silver Whisper on 03/18/08 21:14
*Sniff* It's so beautiful!!! Worth every second of the wait. I especially like the "Suprise Me" button for the layouts, definitely made me smile!! Awesome job guys!!
*Off to explore all the fancy new features*
- bubblegumpinkhair on 03/18/08 21:24
Great job! There's no way to get any previous information back, is there? I had a ton of stories saved in my Favorites waiting to be read...=(
- honeydukes0209 on 03/18/08 21:57
Awesome, AWESOME job, mods!! Lost some of my favorite stories, unfortunately, but there are bound to be casualties with any war. :)
- Misdemeanor1331 on 03/18/08 21:58
Thanks for this great site I'm glad you fixed, I come here every day to read a story or two. I hope you don't have any more problems....
- Sinner on 03/18/08 22:27
So, is the queue open for submissions now? It doesn't really say one way or the other. And great job on the improvements, by the way!
- QwayMelqnu on 03/19/08 0:49
Fantastic! Thanks for everyones hard work to fix it! I doubt you get thanked enough.
- luvsweets247 on 03/19/08 2:07
gr8 job guys...
- tomslovevishu on 03/19/08 2:16
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