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by Marauder by Midnight @ 03/15/08 13:19  


Thank you for your support.

Phia Phoenix written on 03/26/08 5:51

Whoever put this up, smart thinking. I think I spent approximately two seconds on this site - enough to see "YOU SHOULD NOT BE HERE" - and fled. You never know, had I not seen that sign I might have crashed the whole system. Hee. Congrats on the update, it was a lovely success! Godric our mods are amazing.

magical_fortress written on 03/27/08 5:24

hey, i really dont get this. "u shouldnt b here", someone update me?

magic_child written on 03/27/08 19:11

In a nutshell from a member's POV, there was a hacker attack on this site and then the mods spent forever and a day reorganizing the site because it was getting way too big. When they were still working on the site, people visiting it for too long could have potentially crashed the enter system. Good jobs to the mods, too, you've done amazingly well.

magic_child written on 03/27/08 19:11

Sorry, I meant "entire system." :)

Kcharles written on 03/30/08 9:40

Good Idea! As soon as I saw that, I fled.

Magic Muffin written on 03/30/08 9:52

I got scared, and just kind of looked at the page for a long time, expecting a big "Ha Ha, loser, you fell for it" kind of thing to pop up. Once it didn't come up, I was really REALLY scared, and I 'x'ed out of the page.

Natalie11 written on 03/22/12 7:35

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modest written on 04/22/13 3:52

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modest written on 04/24/13 15:45

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modest written on 04/25/13 7:42

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modest written on 05/16/13 13:12

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sesuler written on 07/17/13 6:27

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modest written on 10/25/13 12:39

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modest written on 11/11/13 21:54

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