Site Upgrade Status
Dear Authors,

I'm sure all of you are itching for the queue to open so you can submit your wonderful stories and read what others have planned during this very very long upgrade process. We apologise for not having the queue available for you in a timely fashion.

However, we have begun the upgrade process by backing up all stories and reviews that exist on the database. Any story or review that has been submitted (not necessarily validated) by March 12, 2008 will be backed up and should be safe should we run into upgrade problems. The queue is still unofficially closed, and we ask that if you can hold off on your submissions for two weeks, please do. It will save me a lot of space on my hard drive as I save all 7000+ stories on my computer.

The actual upgrade will occur on the weekend of March 14, 2008. At that time, the queue will be officially closed to submissions from March 14 until March 16, 2008 at the earliest. We also ask that you avoid visiting MuggleNet Fan Fiction during that weekend. Please check the beta forums during that weekend for any updates on the upgrade process to make the upgrading faster, easier, and smoother. We will use the forum, which will remain untouched during the upgrade, to let you know when the site will be open. We are hoping that the site will be up and running (with brand-new and WORKING functions) by March 16th.

If you have any questions about the site upgrade, please contact Beth (Marauder by Midnight) or Roxy (Roxy Black) privately or post here.

On an unrelated note, the FAQ section has been edited to reflect the names of current moderators. The Formatting section of the Help page now includes a "How to get rid of those pesky breaks between paragraphs" for those of you whose stories are constantly rejected for formatting errors. I'll take this time to reiterate that you MUST use the "Preview" button before submitting. It will save you and us a lot of time.

One last very important note: Avoid accessing the site between March 14 through March 16. Use the forums to contact moderators or to keep up with the upgrade status.

Thank you so much for your patience through this rather stressful period. We're almost there!

Posted by Marauder by Midnight on 03/02/08 9:05 (57 Comments)

When you said "Please avoid visiting MuggleNet fanfiction", do you mean the main site, or the forums?
- harry_victoria on 03/02/08 9:16
Harry_victoria - Main site. We are using forums to communicate with you so we have to leave that open :)
- Marauder by Midnight on 03/02/08 9:19
Alright. Thank-you, Beth!
- harry_victoria on 03/02/08 9:22
is it just for the three days that we are not supposed to use the site or are we not supposed to go on until then?

and thanks to all the mods for their hard work!!

--Casey :)
- LoopyLoonyLuna on 03/02/08 9:53
LoopyLoonyLuna - Do not visit the site from March 14 to March 16.
- Marauder by Midnight on 03/02/08 10:05
Isn't it possible to shut down the site entirely, rather than asking for people not to go on? It just seems simpler in my tiny brain.

Great job, mods! It must bee really hard to work through all of this. We're all behind you! *passes out coffee*
- Sedragore on 03/02/08 11:27
Woot! March 16 is my birthday! Thanks to all the Mods! Have a e-cookie. :D I shall delete my story from the queue until the site is up again.

- missgiggles316 on 03/02/08 11:33
(continued from last message) ..If that will help. :P
- missgiggles316 on 03/02/08 11:36
three cheers for the mods
for sticking through and getting the site back to work.
you guys and gals are awesome
- tanmay on 03/02/08 11:51
Sedragore - Because our site is unstable at the moment, we would rather not attempt it.
- Marauder by Midnight on 03/02/08 12:21
YAAAAAAY! I got my beta-ed first chapter of my first fanfiction back the day the queue closed, and it was very, very sad. Congratulations, Mods! You've worked hard :) So, does this mean the threat of apocalypse is passed? Also, what could happen if too many people visit the site while you are upgrading it?
- eaglette with wheels on 03/02/08 13:17
I was wondering why there were'nt any new stories up, and now I understand.
Good luck in getting the site up and running again. The mods do a great job in everything they do! ;0)
I'll have to get my fanfic fix at the other sites, but I'll be back in two weeks to see how you guys are doing.
Cheers! :0)
- moonstargazer on 03/02/08 13:17
Ohh! I am so happy that the site will be up and running correctly soon! Thanks to all the Mods for all the hard work that you have been doing, and good luck with the last part of it! (and good luck with the 7000 + stories back up- that sounds like a bit of a nightmare.)

Just curious, but what would happen if somebody did go onto the main page here during the upgrade? Would that crash the system, or ruin the process? I hope nobody goes on it, just in case that would mess something up! Thanks again!
- Trivia Camlee on 03/02/08 14:02
WOO-HOO!!!!!! there is an end in site! I better get typing!
- Wicked_Quill on 03/02/08 14:12
Oh, the things you Mods do for us readers / authors... Refuses cookies handed out by missgiggles as i am off them for Lent. Love you guys!!!
- All_things_fiction on 03/02/08 14:14
eaglette with wheels - No, the apocalypse has not passed. Upgrading is a very difficult process as is preparing for the upgrade. There is a good chance that the system will crash and we'll lose all the stories. That is why Roxy and I are spending these next two weeks backing EVERYTHING up on our hard drives.

Trivia Camlee and eaglette with wheels - Having too many people online while we're upgrading can make the process much slower. We're operating on a limited memory size allotted to us by MuggleNet; we're going to need as much of that memory as we can in the upgrading process. By having too many people online while we're upgrading, the memory will have to be divided amongst the people who are on the site at the time of the upgrade (which is the reason why we'll try to do the upgrade when there won't be too much traffic). You will also probably not be able to access the site anyway since the background codes will constantly be changing.

Again, there shouldn't be any serious problems if people do access the site. But again, we really recommend that you don't, for your sake and for ours.

- Marauder by Midnight on 03/02/08 14:15
Good luck, mods, I'm glad to see things are progressing, I'm sure you'll do a wonderful job as usual, and we'll come back to a bigger, better site. :)

- dumbledorefluertwins on 03/02/08 14:22
is there anything we can do to help you guys?you are doing loads of would be cool I help out if there was anything we could do, other than obviously staying off the site during the time period..

- Siriusly Mr Black on 03/02/08 16:17
above should read "you are doing loads of work and it would be cool to help out"
- Siriusly Mr Black on 03/02/08 16:19
Do any of the mods need help holding stories on their hard-drives? I've got a ton of empty space if you need it...
- Angel of Dreams on 03/02/08 17:02
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