Your MNFF Graphics Design Challenge
Calling all graphic designers. As you know, our site has recently been undergoing some problems. This has convinced our moderators to make the site even bigger and better than before. To do this, we are going to be requiring some new “skins” for the main archive page! Our amazingly wonderful Haley – QueenHal, the original BA-mommy – designed our last ones so we thought it would be fitting to ask our members to do it again.

So this is it, here’s your challenge.

We would like you to create a new background, or ‘skin’ for the MNFF Archive pages.

Each new skin requires a colour scheme, a main banner and so-called “block banners” that go where the ‘Navigation’ and ‘Categories’ banners are now. (Like this)

Once the designs are all in we will have a vote to decide the winner (or winners if possible) and your design will be made into a new skin for the site – with your name on the page!

If you are interested in joining this challenge, please see this thread for more details.

The competition will close on the 18th March so get designing!
Posted by Roxy Black on 02/28/08 17:48 (27 Comments)

New backgrounds, huh? That might spice up the site a bit. Go Mods!
- islesfan on 02/28/08 18:36
Good luck to all who enter!!! I'd love to enter, but I do not have design skills... :-P Again, thanks mods for all your hard work.
- InvisibleAparecium on 02/28/08 19:13
I don't think I want to enter, but even if I did, I don't know how to make any skins! (How DO you make them?)
- justin ferguson on 02/28/08 19:16
Awesome idea for a challenge, mods! Good luck to anyone who enters! I would love to see some new backgrounds. :D
- R_Ravenclaw on 02/28/08 19:29
Heh. Wish I was good enough at coding! I can do headers really well, but not the rest of the layout.
- Sedragore on 02/28/08 20:42
Will the old skins still be an option on the new site? I have no doubt we will see some wonderful submissions, but I do so love the old skins... (particularly Hufflepuff, the background color is so wonderfully restful on the eyes.)

Go designers! And go Modly Mods!
~ Fauna

p.s. If we are getting new skins is it possible to add some new font choices? Don't bother answering if I'm getting too far off topic. :-)
- FaunaCaritas on 02/29/08 3:05
i wish i had artistic skills but i dont. but i think it would be fun to make one. HOW DO YOU MAKE THEM??
it will be nice to see a change in skins even though i LOVE the skins now. dreamer and the hufflepuff ones are my favorite
- hpfreak1693 on 02/29/08 6:04
Like FaunaCaritas, I also hope that Haley's old skins stay as well. They're absolutely stunning (even if they're 'old' to us) and I remember how much time and devotion she put into them. I look forward to seeing the new skin options, though.
- electronicquillster on 02/29/08 8:43
Good luck on the new skins. Is the site upgraded enough to enter new fiction?
- Brave Andruw on 02/29/08 10:15
FaunaCaritas & electronicquillster - We do hope to keep Haley's designs, yes. They are lovely and I would hate to see them go too.

I'd just like to make it clear that you are not required to code the skins yourselves, this competition is simply for the artwork - no coding skills required. If you take a look at the full description on the Beta Boards - you will find a template which you can recolour and redesign which I will then create the coding from. I am very sorry if I didn't make this clear before. That was completely my fault.

Brave Andruw - the site is not upgraded yet I'm afraid, but our preparations are nearing their end and we will be updating with more information very soon. Watch this space!
- Roxy Black on 02/29/08 10:38
Ooooh, does this mean MNFF is on the mend? :D Yay! Good luck to those who enter! :)

- dumbledorefluertwins on 02/29/08 13:36
I'm gonna try, but I stand no chance. I mean look at all the prettier ones before! i HOPE mnff IS BACK ON THE RISE!
- voldy_mort on 02/29/08 16:31
NEW SKINS!!!! YIPPEE!!!! This is SO exciting! It means MNFF is going to be alright after all. :D I'm so happy.
- Bookwormy on 02/29/08 16:39
Ooh, new skins? I'm sure they'll be absolutely lovely. Good luck to everyone, and hopefully the site will be up and running (beautifully) soon. Go layout-makers, go mods.

Too bad I have no graphic design skills. Maybe I'll mess around for fun....
- Stubbornly_appeared on 03/01/08 0:43
Ooh, good luck to everyone who enters! I haven't checked out the thread yet, but I don't have any graphic design skills either! I can't wait until the results are in and everything is up and running again! :D
- HermionesTwin_FromOz on 03/01/08 2:10
Ooh, good luck to everyone who enters! I haven't checked out the thread yet, but I don't have any graphic design skills either! I can't wait until the results are in and everything is up and running again! :D
- HermionesTwin_FromOz on 03/01/08 2:18
hem hem! may i announce that i am absolutely bizzare at this sort of 'graphic designer' stuff? thank you. but anyway, i'll give it a shot :D i've made one, haven't submitted it yet. i know i don't stand a chance, but i like these sort of things anyway :D i'm going to make a second one - but is it okay to use 'dragon' instead of the others? that one fits best for the one i made and the ones i'm making :D :D
hopefully the first one should be up on the forums tomorrow
anyway- go mods!! go all contestants!!! :D :D

- moonstonesilver on 03/01/08 15:19
does this mean there is light at the end of the tunnel? I'm suffering from fanfic withdrawel.
- eaglette with wheels on 03/01/08 16:22
Good louck to everyone who enters!!! :) I hope this means everything is getting better!! Good job everyone!!! Yaay!!!
- Muggleluvrgirl on 03/01/08 22:50
Sounds good. So long as they represent the houses still, that is.
- Helios Sol on 03/03/08 18:55
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