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Cleaning Continued

by Anasuya @ 01/15/08 17:36  
Hey all

As per my last post, we're going to be starting our username purge, but due to some queue troubles, we'll be doing it manually. All this means is that it will take a bit longer and that we might need a bit more cooperation from you all.

First, I would like to stress again that ANY profile with a story under it WILL NOT be deleted. So if you have a story, please don't worry. Starting tonight, we will be sending out emails to users who don't have stories and whose profiles seem to not be in use. If you don't have any stories on MNFF but would like to keep your account and you'd like to help us out a bit, please edit the following at the top of your author page bio:

Please do not delete

If we see this, we promise that we will not delete your account.

Now as much as we might try, there may be an accident or two along the way. If your profile is accidentally deleted, you may of course sign up again with the same username. Your reviews will not be deleted. We will try to avoid this at all costs, of course, but sometimes accidents happen.

And again, we'd like to stress that if you have a story that you know you won't be finishing, we ask you to remove it to relieve some stress on the database.

Lastly, we'd like to thank you all for all your support and your understanding. MNFF is a great community and we want to keep it around as long as possible and this wouldn't be possible without your continued loyalty.

Thank you.
Xicris written on 01/15/08 18:49

Is the queue going to be closed while you clean? Not that I can submit anything anyway cuz I'm still locked out of all categories, I'm just asking so everyone knows.

Marauder by Midnight written on 01/15/08 19:14

Xicris - This user purging has no effect on the queue :) Thank you for asking on behalf of everyone else!

Misdemeanor1331 written on 01/15/08 23:05

So it begins. Good luck, mods!

Bookwormy written on 01/16/08 5:51

All the best!

Roxy Black written on 01/16/08 9:15

Thank you very much for helping each other out with this, but again, we must ask that you leave the moderators to reply to these messages so that there is no confusion about who is in charge.

Please keep the comments in this thread relevant to the news post.

moonstargazer written on 01/16/08 12:15

I have a question...I have'nt submitted any stories but I have been reading them and leaving reviews. Since I have an account, and only use it for reading purposes, how do I go about keeping it from being deleted?
Thanks, Moonstargazer

Phoenix5225 written on 01/16/08 12:23

moonstargazer, as it states in the news post, you can edit "please do not delete" into the very top of your profile and it will be left alone. Otherwise, when you get an email from a mod, respond immediately with your username, and the account will not be deleted.

Marauder by Midnight written on 01/16/08 15:35

A reminder - we do send letters to all accounts that seem active. However, if the email address you have provided is not correct and/or rejects our letter, we will delete the account on-sight. So please, please make sure that the email address listed on your account is not only correct but also one you check regularly!

magic_child written on 01/16/08 17:25

Good luck guys!! Magic child

bondman007 written on 01/16/08 21:21

Sorry if this has been already covered *hangs head in shame for assuming that I could take on the post of temp mod for the purpose of helping clean up* but I have a question: I have (another) story in queue; if it is validated, it will be my first one. I know perfectly well that all accounts with stories under them will be glossed over as smoothly as the surface of that frozen forest pool where Gryffindor's sword was in DH (before Harry broke it, that is) BUT will that also apply if there's a story in the queue, IF it's not validated by the time you guys get around to my profile? I would prefer if you (the mods) replied to this by sending me a brief email, or something similar, because I sometimes refrain from getting onto MNFF for 24-48 hours at a time, by which, in this case, my account could be gone and my comment irrelevant.

Marauder by Midnight written on 01/16/08 23:12

bondman007 - As per your request, I emailed the answer to you. However, I will also answer it here in case some other people have the same question as you.

There is a very good chance that the moderator checking your account will not know that you are active. If that is the case and you want to keep your account, you have two options, as specified in this news post:
1. Place the words "Please do not delete" in your bio so that it is easily seen.
2. Respond to the email the moderator will send to you within the allotted time frame specified in the email.

As you can see, we've given you several ways to ensure that your account will still exist. If your account still ends up being deleted even after all these chances, there isn't much else we can do except encourage you to create another account.

bondman007 written on 01/16/08 23:53

P.S. I know this is off-topic, but i rather like the "dragon" skin...give Haley my kudos.

bondman007 written on 01/16/08 23:58

Mods - Due to the sheer size of this site's member base, and also due to the fact that you have to do this purge manually, are you sure you won't give me temporary mod access solely for the purpose of taking some of the weight of the manual purge off your shoulders? I may not be a good fanfic writer, but I know a lot about computers, and I am the quickest learner you will ever meet when it comes to technology.

bondman007 written on 01/17/08 0:16

Oh, and speaking of cleaning, you might want to fix the site's clock-according to my computer clock (as well as my self-setting alarm clock...i know, but aren't we all nerds?) you guys are an hour slow. That's all. Good night!!

Roxy Black written on 01/17/08 5:06

bondman007 - please try to ask your questions in one post and not four. We have plenty of mods working on the site and at this moment in time, we are not looking to hire any more. If you wish to become a mod, please wait until you see that we are hiring again and apply like everyone else.
The clock is not wrong, but simply in the wrong time zone for you. I don't believe there is a way to change it for each member so I'm afraid you may have to cope with it being an hour out.

bondman007 written on 01/17/08 14:53

Early riser. eh Roxy? Haha first of all, that was three posts, not four. I really don't care about the site clock; I was just ensuring that it was OK. As for the temp position, it's cool. Lord knows I've been rejected so many times I've just gotten numb to it (and most of these rejections are about something a lot more personal than a job :( ). Besides, once I finish college, I can apply my immense aptitude for computers to an, ah, more worthwhile cause...LIKE RAYTHEON

bondman007 written on 01/17/08 14:55

...or perhaps the FBI? I'm sure I'd be of immense help to them if this site ever violates the law.

Roxy Black written on 01/17/08 16:59

bondman007 - you are now spamming the comments system. Please stop. If you continue to make posts that are unrelated to the news topic we will have to take further action.

MaiaMadness written on 01/17/08 17:34


I have a question about the abandoned story purge you're planning for later; I have a story up that I haven't updated in a long time, because I simply haven't had time or inspiration to work on it. I want to continue with it, though... Would it be okay to keep it up, as it's not really abandoned, but simply on hold, or would you prefer I delete it anyway, and just repost it if/when I do continue with it?

Thank in advance.

bondman007 written on 01/17/08 21:30

MaiaMadness-I don't pretend to speak for the mods, but I think it would alleviate at least a little bit of the strain on the database if you were to delete it. However, there is the crux here that if you decide to re-post it, you'll have to do it chapter by chapter, each one going through the queue; which will take more time than it would simply to post the new chapter(s) when and if you write them. I was just struck by a sudden idea: If your story is appealing to me, why don't I help write some of it? I'm sure that the site has never seen two authors working in concert on a story, and that would simply be awesome!! Let me know what you think by emailing me through my profile. All the best!! ~Sean