MNFF Cleaning
As you've noticed recently, there have been quite a few glitches with stories, emails etc. Some were due to the hacker attack, yet others are due to the sheer size of MNFF. We're outgrowing our database. To help relieve some pressure, we're going to be purging old usernames and inactive accounts.

Please read the following VERY CAREFULLY

ONLY accounts that have had no activity for the past 6 months will be deleted. Activity can be generally defined by logging in. So if you've logged into MNFF in the past 6 months, your account will NOT be deleted. This includes the Remember Me feature. If MNFF remembers you and you've been online in the past 6 months, your account is safe.

As long as you have a story on MNFF, your account will NOT be deleted. Only accounts without stories and without activity will be purged.

If you're in doubt about your account or would like to keep it, simply log in. That will keep it safe.

This will be happening sometime within the next week or two. I will make another post right before it happens.

Also, in order to relieve some more stress on the database, we will be doing an abandoned story purge in the near future (within the next month). However, if you know of a story that you will not be completing, we would be very grateful if you took the liberty of deleting it yourself. It will save us all some time and our servers will thank you for it.

Again, I can't stress how wonderful and patient you've all been. We're working hard to correct everything and you all are making it much easier on us by understanding. Thank you.
Posted by Anasuya on 01/10/08 15:17 (94 Comments)

Hmmm... I think I will delete one of my one-shots that I hate. Hey, it's embarrassing, and every little helps, right?

Wow... who'da thought MNFF could get ill from its own populatrity?

Glad to see things will be back to normal soon! :D

- dumbledorefluertwins on 01/10/08 15:23
Yay! I'll be happy to help in any way I can, though I'm sure there aren't very many ways... I'm so happy ya'll are getting control of some of the things that were ruined by the hacker attack. I'm excited to see that MNFF is recovering from this terrible illness,, and the docters are all of those helping in any way, shape or form! Thank you so much!

- MissMolliewobbles on 01/10/08 15:38
Thank you, Mods for working so hard! I can't complain about the queue because I just don't have any juice in me to submit anything worthwhile. Good luck Mods! Thanks for working so hard!
- AurorGirl101 on 01/10/08 16:01
I'm glad the queue is being fixed, thank you for you tireless efforts to fix the problem!
- Wicked_Quill on 01/10/08 16:18
Keep up the great work, mods and to evryone else, cheers!
Hopefully everything will be back to normal in no time.

- moonstargazer on 01/10/08 16:20
This is an excellent idea! I have a question. So, if even if I don't have any stories written but am still logged in, I am still safe? thanx and good luck.
- HPKING92 on 01/10/08 16:52
I think you guys are doing a wonderful job! Kudos and pats on the back.
- DaniDM on 01/10/08 17:00
Good job mods!!! I hope this chaotic mess will get back to normal. Good luck everbody!
- magic_child on 01/10/08 17:04
HPKING92, you'll be fine so long as you've logged in in the last six months (which you clearly have!).
- mooncalf on 01/10/08 17:08
On a separate note, I would like to put forth that if you have received a validation letter from a moderator and still see your story in queue, please be patient. Because of the glitchy system, administrators must manually allow the story to pass through the system.
- Marauder by Midnight on 01/10/08 17:26
Hope this all goes well guys!!! I would like to know how I can delete my old acount so I can create a new one. Please help!! ~ Caitlin
- on 01/10/08 21:18
One concern... there are some wonderful stories on this site that not been updated for quite some time but are still amazing reads. Examples: A Road of Shattered Glass (not updated since July) and You Smell! You Stink! But I Like You I Think... (60,000+ words but not updated since '06.)Is there any chance some of these works can be saved, even though the site needs spring cleaning? I understand if the answer is no. *prepared to copy and paste*

Mods, you guys are my heros. Thanks for all the hard work you are putting in during the crisis. You guys have enough to do when everything is going smoothly!
- FaunaCaritas on 01/11/08 2:43
Can I just ask, I recieved about 8 update e-mails for "Moments of Bliss" by moonymaniac today alone and it happened last time the site was re-vamped and expanded. Is this happening because of lack of space or just because of the hackers?
- babekitty_92 on 01/11/08 6:06
Would this be why my last chapter is not showing as validated yet, even though I got an e-mail from Danielle saying it was? I've got 3 more chapters waiting to be posted, but can't until this one is validated. Thanks for all of your hard work. Even with the glitch it is still this best fan fic site around.
- deej on 01/11/08 6:35
I'm glad the mods are trying to make MNFF run more smoothly. ;) But, what about the stories like 'Avenged Sevenfold' by secretkeeper, which won the QSQ's, yet it hasn't been updated in a while...?

And erm, on a further note, I'm not abandoning any of my stories, so please don't delete them. Please!
- dancingcarrot21 on 01/11/08 7:02
I would like to keep the completed one-shot I have on MNFF if that's alright. I like it, and am 4 chapters into a new one that I hope people will like, but I still can't submit ch 1 cuz I'm still locked out of choosing any category. Will this purge of the database alleviate that problem, or is something else you still need to fix?
- Xicris on 01/11/08 8:13
Ok, so abandoned stories are going to be deleted, but will the completed ones (which obviously don't have any updating activity) still be kept?

Great job figuring all this out, by the way. Hopefully it'll make everything run a lot smoother!
- Misdemeanor1331 on 01/11/08 9:20
FaunaCaritas - As our last spring cleaning, we will be looking at all incomplete stories that have not been updated for six months. Instead of deleting right there and then, we send notification to the authors of the stories that we will delete their story if they do not reply at a certain time. Should those favorites answer our notifications, their stories will not be deleted. More details will come when we begin our spring cleaning.

babekitty_92 - That is not a glitch. The author in question did indeed add and delete chapters several times.

deej - Yes, I answered that question earlier in this comment section.

Xicris and Misdemeanor1331 - Completed stories will not be touched in the cleaning.

Xicris - The cleaning may help with the problem, but it will probably not be the complete fix. We're currently trying to work out the glitches, but it's still going to require a lot of time.

- Marauder by Midnight on 01/11/08 9:40
Thanks so much for all of the work that you are doing. It is very apparent that you guys are working so hard at this site. This is one of my favorite FF sites simply because it is well taken care of and the mods are just awesome! Again, thanks so much.
- beyond on 01/11/08 10:25
i read fan-fic but don't write it and have stories in my favourites, does this mean my account will disapear?
- kreacher on 01/11/08 10:47
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